IDF K9 Soldier Saves Many Lives


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A dog assigned to the IDF’s Oketz K9 unit on Tuesday saved many lives in Gaza.

The dog, a German shepherd named Steel, was a veteran in his unit. Along with his handler, they joined the Gaza fighting. As daylight was fading, they were instructed to take control of a building in the Sajayieh area, but they feared the building was booby-trapped.

A heavy firefight ensued for a period of time until the terrorists were eliminated. The commander decided that prior to entering he wanted the structure checked. Steel was ordered in and he detected bombs on the first and second floors. He also found a terrorist waiting in ambush for the soldiers to make their entry.

Steel was about to attack the terrorist, but he was killed. Soldiers immediately intervened and eliminated the terrorist.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. “Ulekol Bnei Yisroel lo Yechratz..
    U le Kelev Tashlichu Osso.”
    Melamed she-ayn HKBH Mekapeach Sechar kol Beriah.
    This Beriah will for sure get his Sechar.

  2. Dear yidlmitnfidl,

    Not trying to make a joke. I understand the Chazel you quoted. Nevertheless, Steel is now dead, how can you say, “This Beriah will for sure get his Sechar”. Do dogs go to Olam haba to recieve S’kar v’oinesh?

    Somehow I don’t think so.

  3. To Heshy: Good Question.
    The frogs from the maka of tzephardea that jumped into the ovens were brought back to life as a reward for their kiddush hashem. They were also the basis of a kal vchomer from chanaya mishael and azryah.