Reports: Yahadut HaTorah Seeking to Secure Positions in Netanyahu Coalition


While the formation of a government coalition is not guaranteed just yet, according to various reports, including the daily Yisrael HaYom and Kol Chareidi Radio, Yahadut HaTorah is busy securing itself slots in a Netanyahu-led government.

The chareidi party has reportedly secured itself the chair of the Knesset Finance Committee, as well a deputy education minister, with an emphasis on education in the chareidi sector. In addition, the party will receive a deputy ministerial post in the Prime Minister’s Office, with jurisdiction pertaining to Israel Lands Administration, obviously towards addressing the housing shortage in the chareidi community.

Yahadut HaTorah leader Yaakov Litzman on Tuesday met with Binyamin Netanyahu and his coalition negotiating chairman Gideon Saar, who confirmed the meeting but not the reported agreement of positions.

While Shas is hesitant to discuss cabinet posts, Yishai is seeking the interior ministry in addition to the housing ministry for Yisrael Atias and a continuation of Yitzchak Cohen as minister of religious affairs.

Shas officials refused to confirm or deny the report.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)