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Jerusalem Halts Construction of Sukkah Balconies

sukkah.jpgJerusalem City Hall has implemented a new policy, halting the construction of sukkah balconies, resulting in a growing number of complaints from frum residents of the capital.

According to a report in the daily HaMevaser, the city has publicized a list of preconditions to submitting plans for the marpesot (balconies), including approval from most of the residents of the apartment building. Even if an applicant has obtained approval from neighbors, the city will no longer accept individual requests from residents, stating such requests will not be reviewed by the building committee.

According to a HaMevaser report, residents report that even if most of a building applies to build the sukka balconies, the building committee is not processing the applications. Some applications report the approval process may drag on for months or longer.

Building committee chair Kobi Kachlon states as far as he is concerned, there are no changes in policy and he has no problem approving sukka balconies. HaMevaser reports its investigation points to Jerusalem City Engineer Shlomo Eshkol as the source of the problem. HaMevaser continues reporting that “sources in City Hall express surprise over Eshkol’s position,” stating in the past, he would bend over backwards to assist the chareidi community but today, it appears he is doing everything possible to cause the sector grief.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

7 Responses

  1. Under a Chareidi mayor, Eshkol pretended to be sympathetic to the Hareidi community.

    Now that there is no longer a Hareidi mayor in charge, Eshkol is showing his true colors, with no fear that he wil be fired.

  2. There have been cases of people falling off balconies every year building succos.
    There has been rampant illegal building of balconies that pose danger to those below (if they look anything like the one in the picture)
    Many cases of balconies covering legal succa porches below – in many cases causing loss of value to the apartment below.
    There is no reason not to have laws that protect citizens property and safety.
    Only a fool would think that they are talking about banning succos from Yerushalayim.

  3. In the United States, such anti-religious bigotry
    would be illegal. THe difference is that zionism is based on “freedom from religion”.

  4. Those dopes who asked for a mayor who does not care about Torah & Mitzvohs, is showing his true colors!
    Those who voted for him – I hope you enjoy him!
    You asked for him, and YOU gor him. Lock, stock, and barrel!
    We have already learned NOT to pay attention to what you say when it comes to politics!

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