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Yerushalayim Cleaning Up for Pesach

sc.jpgOverseeing Jerusalem sanitation officials, Councilman R’ Yosef Deutsch is working with senior city officials to ensure the capital is ready for yomtov. After touring a number of areas, the decision was made to increase manpower to meet the challenge, as Jerusalemites are busying themselves with removing chametz from homes and stores.

During their tour of neighborhoods, they realized that despite an increased number of garbage receptacles, there are simply not enough and therefore, the pick-up of trash is being increased to ensure the removal of all chametz and trash ahead of yomtov.

R’ Deutsch also met with city fire officials, calling upon them to pass through areas on erev yomtov, especially religious neighborhoods, to make certain well-intentioned chametz burning does not result in fires.

The city has received many complaints, as is the case every year, that there simply is not enough designated space to throw out trash, which is visible in significantly larger quantities on erev Pessach.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. “not enough designated space to throw out trash” – perhaps because of all the dumpsters burnt in protests.

  2. BH that this year, due to the diligence of Rav Deutsch, one can go up to Yerushalayim for Pesach and feel pride walking the holy streets without wading through litter. Wish more councilmen would make this a top priority!

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