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Israeli Court: Pope Enjoys Diplomatic Immunity

ch.jpgBaruch Marzel and Itamar Ben-Gavir have turned to the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court of Justice seeking a travel ban that would prohibit Pope Benedict XVI from leaving Israel. The two right-wing activists, with Ben-Gavir being the Knesset aide of MK (Ichud HaLeumi) Dr. Michael Ben-Ami, sought to prevent the pontiff from leaving, demanding the Catholic Church return the property stolen from the Jewish People and the Temple over the past thousands of years.
Justice Alexander ruled that as the head of a “country”, the pope enjoys diplomatic immunity and as such, a travel ban was not a possibility.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Obviously it would never happen, but Kol HaKavod to Marzel and the others for at least speaking out publicly that the catholic church is guilty of possession of the stolen kaylim from the Bayit Sheni as well as countless irreplaceable seforim and manuscripts.

  2. what are they trying yo do besisdes make fools out of themselvs and cause us to expect simalliar treatment when we travell to there countrys
    grow up!!

  3. I’m curious what the basis is for believing that the keylim from the Bayis Sheini are in the Vatican’s hands…

    After all, the Romans who destroyed the Beis HaMikdash were not Christians, but pagans. While you might argue that Christians might find sentimental value in the keylim, I find it difficult to believe that the pagans did. And even if the immediate victors (such as Titus, etc.) did, I’m not so certain that the following Romans until the Christianization of the city centuries later would have kept the keylim around and not just melted them down for their gold/silver.

    In addition, even if the Romans *did* keep them around, Roman was sacked several times since then, including in 410, 455, 546, 846, 1084 and 1527. Even if they survived in Rome until then, it’s quite possible that the barbarians (410-546) or the Arabs (846) or even the Normans (1084) carried them off.

    That being said, how can anyone state with any certainty that the Catholics still have the keylim?

    (Or am I wrong and is there some proof?)

    The Wolf

  4. #2 hello, why wont the pontiff and cohorts return the sacred vessels to the Jewish State? Why can he act and behave like a criminal and we should see quietly and treat him like an honored guest?
    Keep on complaining Baruch and stand up straight for the rest of us!!!

  5. I agree with 2. what nonsense this is. why do we have to start with the goyim and create more anti semitism.

  6. BTW, AynOd…

    I’m curious what manuscripts you believe the Vatican has…

    Not that I’m doubting that they may well have some “lost” seforim, but I was curious if you had anything specific in mind…

    The Wolf

  7. “what are they trying yo do”

    i imagine what they are trying to do is to generate publicity about the fact that the church has stolen Holy Kalim from the Jewish people.

  8. #3
    Bear in mind, that Rome as a whole converted to Christianity, overnight. Actually, Christianity converted to Rome, but that’s another story.

    I’ve been to the Vatican, and there are many ancient treasures (though none of ours) that they proudly boast, and are open to viewing, so I think its reasonable to assume they’ve looked after the rest all these years too.

    One reason they won’t even consider opening the Vat is because they have conquered treasures belonging to every nation in the then known world. Every country would begin to demand back its booty.

    But I’m curious to know what these activists think they are gonna do with the keilim if they got them. Stick em in an Israeli museum? Its not like its gonna bring the Geula faster…

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