Anti-Obama Protests Underway in Israel


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ei.jpgPro-Eretz Yisrael demonstrators took part in a protest outside the US Consulate on Jerusalem’s Agron Street on Wednesday, with some displaying pictures of US President Barak Obama in a kefiya traditional Arab headdress, and some even carrying signs reading “Barak Hussein Obama – An Anti-Semite”. The event was timed on the eve of the American president’s message to the international community, taking place today, Thursday, in Cairo.

Women in Green reports 250 participants in the event, stating speakers included Dr Moti Keidar of Bar-Ilan University who spoke in Arabic, Rabbi Sholom Gold, Dean Jerusalem College for Adults, MK Aryeh Eldad and Dr. Michael Ben Ari, Esther Pollard, 14 year old Mei-Noah Katz from N’vei Daniel, Attorney Elyakim Haetzni, and Nadia Matar, co-chairwomen of Women in Green.

Undoubtedly the new American administration is beginning to feel the response of its blatant turn-around vis-à-vis warm American relations with Jerusalem during the past eight years. Unlike previous American presidents, Obama is not just trying to advance America’s interests in the region, but appears to be totally ignoring Israel’s strategic and security concerns and interests to advance what he views will lead to a comprehensive peace accord, which translates to boxing Israel into an indefensible reality to promote the interests of the PA and Arab nations in the area.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. where are the protests here in the united states by american jews? Before and during ww-2 jews in this country did little to prod the united states govt to save our bretheren in europe. Let’s not repeat our shameful legacy. The outcome could chas v’sholom be the same. Daven, protest, daven, write elected officials, daven, e-mail the white house, daven…

  2. Obama cannot make Israel don anything it does not want to do. The problem with Israel is Israel. Obama is naive and foolish, but if he wants to try to make peace while saying his ties with Israel are unbreakable, let him try; I am not interested. America cannot make Israel cede land anymore than any America can make any other country ceded land as if that country were going to respond with an, “OK”.

  3. These protests will do nothing. Obama is riding full sprint on his horse. You must turn to H’ for yeshua. Daven, and do teshuva!!

  4. #3, I wish you were right but unfortunately Israel needs American $$ and military aid desperately, so he certainly can make them do what he wants. And it has happened more than once in the past; Camp David, Oslo, etc.

  5. I don’t know about any of you, but I actually watched the speech and found not one single thing different about U.S. policy vis a vis Israel and the Arabs. Two state solution? Bush said it first. Settlements must go? That has been U.S. policy for decades now. Arabs must recognize Israel’s right to exist? Yes, that, too is old news. Today’s Times said that Palestinians weren’t impressed by the details either — same old policies, they said.

    Some criticize that he said, basically, that Israel’s emotional baggage through which they view Arab calls for their destruction is the Holocaust, and that the Palestinian emotional baggage is years of occupation. Its wrong, Jewish critics say, to compare the Holocaust with occupation of Palestine. Agreed. But his speech didn’t compare the two. It only said that the way the parties view negotiations is affected by these experiences. That’s absolutely true and anyone who denies it is placing ideology over pragmatism.

    Oh yes, one other old policy, vaguely stated, was that he looks forward to the day when all of the children of Abraham can walk in Jerusalem without fear — US policy since 1948 is that Jerusalem should be an international city. George W Bush never changed that position one iota. To check that, note that the State Department viciously refused to enforce a U.S. law that required it to indicate that US citizens born in Jerusalem hospitals were born in “Jerusalem, Israel”, and fought off a lawsuit seeking to make them enforce the law. Also, Bush refused to abide by his party’s platform (and a law) to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

    The only difference so far between Bush and Obama’s Middle East policy is tone and Obama’s refusal to torture (heck, Israel doesn’t torture its prisoners, why should we support American-based torture?).

    Did anyone actually watch the speech and come up with something that was really different, policy-wise?

  6. To #10.
    Yes I did. I listened to the speech and read the relevant pieces more than once.
    My first problem is, His stating that our right to the Land of Israel is based on the suffering and loss we endured in the Holocaust.
    By basing our rights to statehood, notice not to the land, on suffering, he opened the door for the argument claiming that the Palestinians suffered as well and thus deserve a state as well.
    No. Our right is to the land, since we are the only nation who has any claim on this land. We returned to our land after a long and exhuasting exile, the country where the Jewish nation dwelled close to 1600 years, with hundreds of years of Jewish sovereignty in this land. No other country or people have any claim to this land. We all know that the Palestinian nation is no more than a fiction sold to the world by Arafat. They have no historical basis as a nation.
    Of course, the many left leaning governments in Israel have a great portion in this great distortion of history. They, of course applauded greatly Pres. B. Hussein Obama’s speech. However, the average Israeli on the street feels greatly uncomfortable and insecure since this new administration has shown its real intentions. Kol Yisrael, Israel’s national radio station reporting today the results of a poll they have taken, showing that an unprecedented majority of the Israelis are convinced that Pres. B. Hussein Obama is willing to compromise on Israel’s top interests in order to satisfy the Arabs.
    There are many more points in his speech, and in the way he said them, trying to imitate an Arab accent, that are very worrying.
    Personally, I don’t think we should take the streets. That may cause great anti-Semitism throughout the world. We should however return to our prayers.
    I remember When Pres. Bush ascended to power. The Israelis were devastated. They were convinced that we are going back to the bad old days of Bush #1. Indeed the first few months were pretty bad. Sharon claimed at the time that the US was selling Israel, like the world sold Czechslovakia before WW2. It didn’t take long and all this change.
    I just hope and pray, that the price the world will for this second lesson will not be as expensive as the first lesson given to them on Sep. 11 2001 and its aftermath.
    One more note; B. Hussein Obama is talking about honesty. This guy is a really good sample of honesty. Just look back and listen what he told Jewish crowds before the elections in order to get their votes.
    Netanyahu would easily signed on any of those speaches. And he totally turned face. Honesty!

  7. I watched it, number 10. It was scary. I’ve been saying this since the mid-election – his name is Hussein, and he’s a Muslim and is proud of it. He proved it today.
    B”H, Hashem pulls all the strings… but our president is one scary puppet!!

  8. “some displaying pictures of US President Barak Obama in a kefiya traditional Arab headdress, and some even carrying signs reading “Barak Hussein Obama – An Anti-Semite”.” Because that will really help.

    #10 – The difference is that Bush never tried to enforce any of those policies. Obama, on the other hand, is doing so with zeal.