PM Expected to Visit Maran Rav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita


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bk.jpgPrime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is expected to visit HaGaon Rav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita in the coming days. It is being reported from Bnei Brak that the prime minister requested to meet with the Rav, and he was going to make the visit immediately following his Bar Ilan address on Sunday night.

The Rav’s gabbaim however did not want the prime minister arriving immediately following the address to avoid reports connecting the Rav to the political address or possibly having such a meeting interpreted as the Rav’s approval of the address. Therefore, the original Sunday night meeting was postponed and a meeting is expected to take place later this week.

Gabbaim announced that the meeting is apolitical and the prime minister is welcome as are all yidden, stressing brochos and politics are separate issues.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. I always felt that Israel is the linchpin of the world, and Gedolei Yisroel the linchpin of our nation.
    So : Who runs the world?
    It’s Hashem!

  2. even though it is reported as the meeting will be apolitical, surely do we really think no political issues will come up? this meeting is very comforting for the most part. I will just be mispalel that eitzat chachamim will not be ignored for the reason that we all know. when one consultes with a gadol and then C’V decides not to take his advice, the adverse decision is sure to back-fire and in this case to a large magnitude, C’V, R’L. so please bibi, if you’re going to do a great thing a consult with a gadol, please do exactly as he says for the sake of klal Yisroel.

  3. Let’s give Netanyohu the benefir of the doubt.

    Perhaps, deep in his secular heart, he understands the true source of Am Yisroel’s security at this very dangerous time in our history.

  4. #6; Is he takeh an einikel of the Vilna Gaon? I know that his fathers father was a Rov in the Lita and he supported Harav Reines, mybe he was the Einikel; does anyone know?

  5. The first time Natenyahu was prime minister when he would come to the states he made a point of wearing a yarmulka and eating kosher because he felt that he was viewed as a jewish leader and needed to respect the customs. Although obviously we do not agree with natenyahu’s path in life or his hashkafos at least we can appreciate when he makes the effort. Remember Rv Knievsky is a gadol hador, who knows what he can say to influence the prime minister. Trust your gedolim they are the messengers of the melech malchei hamlochim.

  6. Attn #8: Ben Melech

    Unfortunately, a “proven beyond reasonable doubt” link was never truly established, as the link is based on tradition.

    The “traditional link”, however, is based upon the paternal grandfather of Bibi, Rabbi Natan Milikovsky (1879-1935), who was very active in the Zionist movement, Kovevei Tzion. Rabbi Natan, who was born in Krevo, Lithuania had a clear tradition from his father, Tzvi, that he was an einekle of the Gaon.

    Chaim Freeman, author of “Eliyahu’s Branches”, who is probably the biggest expert on the Goan’s eineklach topic, interviewed Bibi’s father, Professor Bentzion Netanyahu, and his uncle, Saadiah Milikovsky, respectively, whom both recalled their father on numerous occasions claiming that he was definitely a descendant – not just a relative.

    The clarity and forcefulness of their tradition seemed to have created their heritage to be more accepted, than other traditions of questionable sources.

  7. Thank you #10, Asachsaichel to me. I now recall that Bibi has a cousin in Crown Heights who wrote their Yichus briev; I’ll give his family name as I’m not sure if I’m allowed to mention full names even positively. His family name is “Ronn” spelled maybe differently.

    So it looks like the family adopted their grandfather’s first name “Natan” as their last name “Netanyahu”.

  8. Who is to say that such and such a person has a “secular heart”.
    Every Jew is beloved by G-d, he/she has the Pintele Yid at their essence.
    Just because a person is shomer this or that mitzvah does not give them the right to “rate” sanctimoniously their fellow Jew.
    There is no individual who is without blemish; further no man has been born who is infallible.
    Let us pray that the Almighty send Moshiach now so that we will see peace in our holy Land and throughout the entire world.

    ‘rate” a fellow Jew