Police Chopper Disturbs Shabbos Tranquility in Yerushalayim


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mishtara1.jpgShortly after shabbos, MK Eliezer Menachem Moses decided to contact Minister of Public Security Aharonovitch to share his feelings, to explain that a low-flying police chopper that hovered over the protest areas on shabbos was a significant disturbance of the holy day and he wished to express his disapproval over the chilul shabbos. Moses is a resident of the Shichun Chabad area, about a kilometer from the protest.

In his letter, the Yahadut HaTorah MK writes that a police chopper hovered over chareidi areas of the capital, flying very low, significantly disturbing the tranquility of the day, including tefillos in shuls as well as being offensive to the religious sensibilities of residents. Moses cited the public chilul shabbos by the police chopper is unacceptable.

“I request that the minister please address this issues cited in the letter with the upmost seriousness, and in the event the chopper’s activities were avoidable, to take the appropriate actions against those responsible for the brazen chilul shabbos”.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. “to take the appropriate actions against those responsible for the brazen chilul shabbos”

    that would be the eida charedis and supporters who have caused the police to be mechalel shabbos in order to stop rioting and thwart potential rioting.

    So what does MK Moses want the police to do to the haredi protestors for forcing the police to be mechalel shabbos so brazenly?

  2. I wonder if MK Eliezer Menachem Moses thinks that the protests are a “significant disturbance of the holy day” as well. Maybe he should worry more about that – after all, no protests, no ehlicopter flying overhead.

  3. We cannot blame the police for responding to our protests. And what is the difference between Yassam police on motorcycles and a chopper in the air? I was there yesterday, and really, it didn’t bother me all that much. I mean, chillul shabbos bothers me, but it wasn’t a big surprise that the police sent a helicopter. If I had been in charge of the police, I would have done that also, to follow groups of protesters from the air.

  4. I think it’s ludicrous to complazin about a chopper disturbing the “tranquility” of the day and it being offensive to the sensibilities of the Frum people. Inasmuch as I’m not getting involved in the actual protest topics…what do expect the police to do,just sit back and watch? They obviously needed a chopper to monitor activities on the ground. If you’re going to protest,you gotta expext a police response. Obviously the gedolim by whose light we walk by felt this has to be done nonetheless. But to complain about the chopper disturbing US? Sounds strange to me.

  5. This guy is a mechutsaf. They make the hafgana and then complain? They throw stones and dirty diapers – clear chillul shabbos! The helicopter was there for the good of both sides.

  6. I’ve got a great idea to stop the helicopter from disturbing the tranquility and Kedusha Shabbos! Stop the protest!
    G’onos!! Gevaldik! And everybody wins!
    Then you sit down an the table and try to impress the kdushah of Shabbos onto those who don’t understand it! Tell them that rock throwing is forbidden on Shabbos (it is all week too!)