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Eida Rabbonim Ask Some Difficult Questions

gavad3.jpgFor the prominent senior Rabbonim Shlita of the Eida Chareidis who have reached out in an effort to get their message to the English-speaking chareidi tzibur, there are a number of questions which they insist demand answers; questions which the rabbonim feel point to malfeasance, nonfeasance and a cover-up by Hadassah Hospital. Over recent days, the rabbonim are in constant contact with YWN Israel, realizing the importance of delivering their message to the English language audience as well.

Some of the points raised in conversations conducted with rabbonim over recent days include:

1- If the mother suspected of starving her child was caught on hidden camera, why didn’t hospital officials act immediately, to prevent her from doing so repeatedly at the expense of the patient?

2- If she was indeed deemed a danger to the child, why didn’t the hospital seek legal intervention to obtain a restraining order, distancing her from her son rather than permitting his condition to deteriorate?

3- Why wasn’t the hospital staff taking corrective action for the patient when the mother was not present and how can it be that the hospital staff operating 24/7 was not seeing the continued deterioration in the toddler’s condition?

4- Assuming the mother has Munchausen by proxy, why did the hospital and social workers fail to notify the family, her husband, towards awareness and seeking assistance for her?

5- Assuming the mother is not fit, inflicted with some illness, perhaps Munchausen by proxy, why was she not given appropriate treatment but instead, thrown in jail? Why did state social workers cooperate with police against the interest of the mother and possibly her child?

6- Why were efforts by askanim beginning on 17 Tammuz, before the media blitz, ignored by police and the hospital? The askanim said if the mother is indeed ill, why isn’t she being referred for care instead of imprisoned?

Rabbonim also question where all the liberals are hiding, explaining that if this case involved a secular/chiloni family, the feminists and human rights activists at the very least would be inundating the High Court, but here, when a devoted mother and wife is chareidi, the silence is deafening and the champions of justice are nowhere to be found. They specifically mentioned ACRI (Association for Civil Rights in Israel).

On the same line, the Rabbonim question the lack of patient privacy, with authorities failing to explain just how the x-ray of the ‘starved child’ appeared in all the Israeli media.

YWN Israel spoke with one of the prominent rabbonim early Monday afternoon. He asked that a number of additional points be inserted to the English-speaking community. The rav explained that there has been an open channel between Hadassah and the rabbonim in Meah Shearim for years, and if they suspected wrong-doing or a problem with the mother, why weren’t rabbonim contacted to intervene?

He wished to share with the tzibur as well that the mother’s return to her family this part erev shabbos was a sight that is difficult to describe, the jubilation of the children after being away from their mother for three weeks.

When asked what they are seeking, the rabbonim explain they are trying to increase public pressure until there is a state inquiry into the entire affair.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

20 Responses

  1. The ansswer to all these question is one word “TRIAL.” At the trial the answer to all these questions, which seem like very apropriate cross-examination of the hospital and the Israeli social services, will come out. No case is every perfect or 100% air tight. The State will score many points, and defense/Eida (I. still not sure that the Eida is acting in the mother’s best interest, especially if she is indeed sick, something the Eida will never allow to be admitted) will as well. Ultimately a duly constituted court will wiegh all the evidence and issue a ruling.

  2. I being a “sabra” that left the holy land to usa, becuase i didnt want to raise my children in such a anti semitic country. can add, that if (l’havdil) an arab women would have gone thru this, her treatment & conditions would’ve been humane, unlike the in-humane conditions this poor victim has been thru. may we pray for the redemption of zion & justice to its people!

  3. May I ask something back?

    How come the Rabbonim state a position on this case (who did what, who is innocent, who is not) without having heard and seen all the evidence available?

    I always thought that a wise man renders a judgement only once he has heard and seen all the evidence.

  4. Finally we see YWN from Israel is reporting this story in a more positive light and not just repeating from the secular media outlets

  5. (although they’re unwilling to ask people to daven for this poor child!)

    what on earth are you talking about? I saw numerous requests to daven for the child

  6. The one question which is most prevalent and has not been answered; why did the Chareidim stoop to such violence, regardless of the justification, that we wouldn’t see by most groups, let alone shomrei Torah Umitzvos! This is what is bothering Jews all around the world, and this hasn’t been addressed. Why?

  7. #9 PassJew, Chareidim did not “stoop to such violence”. Only someone who doesn’t know much about the Israeli anti-religious government would blame the chareidim for rioting. The reality is, that in Israel, religious Jews are guilty until proven innocent.

    She was in jail for 10 days when she was supposed to have been released after 3-4 days. They kept dragging it without an end. In the meantime, this pregnant woman was suffering gehenom like the biggest criminal without a court case. These reshaim wouldn’t even allow her out on bail. Until the Rabbanim had enough of it and decided to take action. Since it was a matter of Pikuach Nefesh and Pidyon Shevuyim and this is the only language these reshaim understand, that’s what had to be done. (By the way, usually the violence starts AFTER the malachei chabalah, known as the Yassam police, start beating up the Jews.)

    Do you realize that the Israelis want to frame this woman and put her under psychiatric help and torture because she brought the hospital of Hadassah Ein Kerem’s atrocities to public awareness JUST LIKE THEY PERSECUTED Rabbi Uzi Meshulam, imprisoned him and released him as a vegetable after 5 years in jail because he exposed the truth of the horrors and barbarity the Israeli regime and associates had done with the Yemenite children. (And they are still after Rabbi Meshulam’s oldest son.)

    Realize, there are rules accepted by the international communities. During peace time there are certain acts which are illegal and condemned. But if a country declares war on another country, different laws apply. These laws are accepted worldwide. When a country is at war, the military destroys the enemies military installations and equipment, kills the soldiers or captures them. Damaging the enemies resources is acceptable. Israel did this to its enemies in Gaza and Lebanon, destroying power-lines, damaging their water supply and brought their social life into chaos. This is done in order to weaken the enemy and as a deterrent for any future hostile activities.

    The Rabbanim claimed that the Israeli government, the police, the justice system and the social workers DECLARED WAR ON THE CHAREIDIM. Accordingly, wartime tactics were applied and hopefully the message came through that chareidim are human beings and must be treated at least like the Arabs. After all, Israel “claims” to be a democratic country.

  8. #1,2,3,6 There are no evidence. There are fabrications! And if you think the video is evidence, how about this incident with this bright Rabbi:

    Prof. Yair Birnbaum, Deputy General Director of Hadassah Hospital, took up this issue with Rabbi Weiss, the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, privately. He maintained that he can show him proof with videos what the mother did.

    “Fine,” the Chief Rabbi said. “In 1 hour I can have a specialist over and see if it’s authentic and wasn’t doctored.”

    Prof. Birnbaum responded, “You know what? I’ll bring it over next week and you’ll be able to invite the specialist to join our conversation.”

    Rabbi Weiss immediately told him, “There’s no need for that anymore…”

    Why don’t you people ask why Hadassah hospital wasn’t investigated?

  9. #5 Al tehi tzaddik harbeh! Don’t make frumme shtik when pikuach nefesh is involved. If it were someone in your family, you would be more than happy that other Jews do something on your behalf.

    According to the Chafetz Chaim and other gedolim, these Zionists are Amalekim. Yerushalayimer Yidden have been suffering from these reshaim for years, even before the creation of the State of Israel. If you’re looking to accuse people for “Chet Meraglim”, you should point your finger at these Secular Zionists, who with their anti-religious actions cause people to think and speak negative about Israel. You seem to have a limud zchut on reshaim gemorim bein adam laMakom and bein adam lechaveiro who were/and still are involved in these atrocities: Yaldei Teheran, Teiman and Sephardic Jews, Giyus Banot, Netuchei Meitim, Police Brutality, etc. But if someone talks about it, you describe him foolishly as “Chet Meraglim”. Realize, that Eretz Yisrael cannot accept such reshaim whose main purpose is to remove Jews away from Hashem. The Torah specifies clearly that the Knanim were wiped out of Eretz Yisrael because of their grave sins.

    According to your philosophy, the Chachmei Hatalmud were chas veshalom nichshal in Chet Meraglim since they spoke negative about Eretz Yisrael stating that the cause of the first Churban Bais Hamikdash and the exile of the Jews from Eretz Yisrael was because Eretz Yisrael’s inhabitants were grave sinners with the three main sins.

  10. #13, then you should eagerly await the trial of this matter, and no steps should be taken, no deal made, to avoid it.

  11. #9 is totally correct. The real question is why the meah shearim crowd went bezerk. Was that necessary? That acted like total behamos. And that’s why the general public has no sympathy for them.

  12. The child’s name is Chaim Yehudah Leib ben Yenta. I wonder why those computer-savvy old rabbonim didn’t post this on the internet.

  13. TO # 5
    here u go again !!!?!

    speaking against the anti torah behaviors of any person/people IN eretz yisrael, has NOTHING to do with speaking against the holy g-d given LAND!!!!
    [speak to ur minimaly educated chumash jew!!!]

    to #6
    “state a position”,… “judgement”
    i see hear ONLY questions; no judgements or positions at all!!
    what are u talking about???

  14. Bar26, (and akuperma by extension)

    I see you have all the answers.

    Yes, the 1st Beis Hamikdash was destroyed because of a failing in bein odom laMokom, but chazal clearly tell us that that churban lasted only for 70 years, while the churban caused by sinas chinam has lasted for much longer.

    let me remind you that although in the days of Achov (about whom the novi has very few compliments) klal yisroel served avoda zorah and in the time of Menashe klal yisroel almost forgot who Hakodosh Boruch Hu was, the beis hamikdash was not destroyed.

    your comments, and pure hatered for anyone not 100% like you is what caused the 2nd churban.

    For all your shoutig and screaming against the “choytim”, let me remind you of how the novi Ezra dealt with yidden who had married goyim…

    he sat on the floor and cried. when klal yisroel heard that their beloved novi was mourning they all came to visit him. eventually he told them what he was crying about, and every one of those men who had married a goyish woman undertook to divorce her. with some kajoling every one of the choytim in klal yisroel did t’shuvah.

    why was he able to get klal yisroel to do tshuva when other earlier neviim weren’t?

    Because he showed them that he loved them and cared for them, not because he screamed and cursed them.

    We had another novi, many years earlier who was not as succesful. his name was Yeshaya Hanovi. In the first perek of sefer yeshaya he calls klal yisroel “goy choyteh”, “am amoyroh” and many other things. Chazal tell us that Hakodosh boruch Hu was upset with him for this, and although he was supposed to give us tochocho, this is not the way to speak about klal yisroel.

    the gemorah in yevomos tells us that Yeshaya’s own grandson, Menashe, killed his grandfather. Yeshaya used the Shem Hashem to hide within a tree and Menashe chopped it down. he tried to kill Yeshaya by chopping up the tree but was unsecsesful until he got to the place of Yeshaya’s lips (those lips which had uttered the terrible adjectives concerning klal yisroel) and then he was able to kill Yeshaya.

    Do you think that Hakdosh Boruch Hu enjoys hearing the way you describe his children, even the ones who do not keep the mitzvos? do you think He is happy to hear you describe your brothers as Amolek? do you think that by calling even the anti-frum reshoim you will manage to be more sucsesful than Ezra even?

    …I could go on, but I think thats enough

  15. Munchausen is a very difficult disease to diagnose and recognize. I doubt it was the first explanation on the list of the doctors. Therefore, when the video was seen it probably was the first opportunity to see the mother’s actions against her child whereby they could see the affects of this horrible disease.
    Futhermore, there was a case of Munchausen within the previous 5 years before I made Aliyah. The mother was not Jewish but the way she was handled it was pobably similary
    It might b worthwhile for the rabbnim to find a way to read about what Munchausen is, as described by Mental health professionals. Also, they should review how the woman in America was discussed.

  16. The secular media in Israel which is run by secular Jews who are mechallel Shabbat and eat food that is not kosher, have no morality and have no problem with lashon hara, motzi shem ra and fabricating stories on religious Jews or maligning others for their benefit. Their only laws they keep are not to physically hurt people. If not for the fear of the government and police, they would be capable of killing and injuring others like Assaf Goldring, a known leftist secular activist who killed his little daughter. Their hatred to G-d and anything religious, including religious Jews who side with G-d, is quite obvious. Their credibility should therefore obviously be invalid.

    On the other hand, most religious Jews, who are on a spiritually higher level or at least their goal is to reach these spiritual levels, constantly have the fear of Heaven upon them and are very careful with keeping all the mitzvot, including Shabbat, eating kosher and have high standards of morality. They would not speak lashon hara or be motzi shem ra on anyone. Certainly, they would be dan lekaf zchut, especially if they are not sure of the truth. The Chafetz Chaim says that when the accused person is shomer Torah umitzvot, one is obligated to be dan him lekaf zchut even when it seems more than 50% that it’s a negative against him.

    There are Jews, including some talkbackers, who claim to be religious but lack the yirat Shamayim. They keep most of the laws of the Torah, like Shabbat and kosher because it makes sense to them and suits them. But because of their hatred to chareidim, words of Rabbanim means nothing to them and they fall for the lies of the left media who have no credibility. They are blinded by the truth like the seculars and have no problem being motzi shem ra and not giving others the benefit of the doubt when they didn’t investigate the case personally and thoroughly. They hear the story from one side and immediately give judgment, accusing the mother and besmirching her good name. Remember, motzi shem ra and fabrication of lies, and motzi dibat haaretz doesn’t apply only to secular Jews, but to chareidi Jews and Me’ah She’arim residents as well. And ahavat Yisrael and limud zchut is for religious Jews as well and not only for secular.

    #21 Shlomo Hamelech says in Mishlei (17:15): Justifying the evildoer and condemning the righteous person, are both abominations of G-d.

    You have some important points. But realize that your comparison of some incidents of Tanach with some private people sinning against G-d by marrying non-Jews or committing other sins, is not like Jews forcing others to sin. Private people having yetzer hara and living a secular life style is one thing, but for secular Jews forcing religious Jews to go astray and abandon the tradition of their forefathers for thousands of years, is not tolerable neither in Jewish law nor in International law. Chazal consider these worse than murderers. Hamachtio yoter mihahorgo.

    Baruch Hashem the truth is starting to sprout from the earth and righteousness is beginning to peer from Heaven just like David Hamelech said in Tehilim.

    #22 Dr. Weill is the head psychiatrist of Hadassah. Since you are so brilliant, how about replacing him?

    As one of the talkbacks said: The doctors made that claim imitating US doctors who have tried the same trick to get her out of their hair. The psychiatrist who evaluated her, blasted those same doctors for making that claim without having even evaluated her. Your hatred and bigotry has blinded you completely.

    Another comment: “Munchausen-by-proxy syndrome” is a theory that was once accepted and has since been disapproved in England. There is no solid evidence that such a disorder exists. The Israeli doctors know it quite well and are trying to convince the unsophisticated public of this sickness.

  17. The Satmar Rebbe zt”l quotes Rav Elchonon Wasserman zt”l saying in the name of the Chafetz Chaim that the Zionists are real Amaleikim. See Divrei Yoel, Parshat Behaalotcha.

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