Chabad Nepal Tests Clean – Rebukes Health Officials of Besmirching the Chabad Name


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chabad.jpgAs a result of Israeli reports of confirmed typhus cases involving Israelis who visited Chabad houses in Nepal, all workers who were present in the Chabad kitchens during the yomim tovim were inspected and all were negative for the illness.

The tests were requested by Professor Eli Schwartz, who heads the tropical disease unit of Tel Hashomer Hospital. The tests prove conclusively the illness did not originate in the kitchens of the Nepal Chabad houses.

Kikar adds that Chabad officials are angered over the negative press, which has been proven incorrect, adding the travelers in emails to Chabad officials admitted to eating in other areas, sandwiches and vegetarian foods, contradicting Israeli reports that they ate at Chabad kitchens exclusively.

Chabad officials add it is evident from the statements of a number of the infected Israelis that the origin of the illness was most likely from one of the vegetarian restaurants.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)