Syria Seeks to Bring Additional Pressure Down on Israel


Syria is not missing an opportunity to bring additional international pressure down on Israel pertaining to Islamic violence on Har HaBayis. In its statement to the media, the Syrian Foreign Ministry spoke of Israel’s “invasion of al-Aqsa”, as if Israel is responsible for the ongoing Arab violence which began during the yomim tovim, without any provocation whatsoever. Syria is accusing Israel of trying to take over the mosques, referring to Har HaBayis.

Syrian officials are using terms such as “a crime against the Arab heritage and history,” seeking to capitalize on the anti-Israel sentiment generated by the Goldstone Report, aided by the Israeli leftist sentiment, that unfortunately serves to feed Israel’s enemies and increase the chilul Hashem.

Not missing a beat, Jordan’s state run media speaks of Israeli “provocations” regarding Har HaBayis, using its role as a moderate Arab nation to turn the international community against Israel as well.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)