UPDATE: Condition of Toddler Run Over by Dad Improving


SOL.gifTwo-year-old Naftali Tzvi ben Rachel Nechama’s condition is improving after being run over by his father on Tuesday. As was explained in the report, the father believed his son was clear of the vehicle, backing up, and striking him. Naftali was reported in serious condition on Tuesday.

According to reports from Tel Hashomer Hospital, the toddler sustained head and upper torso injuries. Preliminary CAT scans are encouraging, and hospital officials on Wednesday morning reported the child was conscious and in an intensive care unit. There does not appear to be damage to major organs.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Baruch HaSh*m!!! Let’s ALL take a lesson from this about PAYING ATTENTION when driving, NOT getting distracted with cell phones, CD players, TEXT MESSAGING, etc. – ONE SECOND of distraction can r”l ruin or END the life of someone close to you!