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Calls for Criminal Charges Against Rabbonim Who Refuse to Recognize IDF Giyur

jail3.jpgThe Justice Ministry is calling to move ahead with criminal charges against rabbonim of cities and municipalities, civil service employees, who refuse to marry couples because they do not recognize conversions to Yiddishkeit performed by the IDF. A ministry legal advisor, attorney Harel Goldberg, who on Monday told a committee meeting that disciplinary action must be taken against these rabbonim along with a recommendation to the ministry that legal action follow.

During a session of the Knesset Absorption Committee, it was reported that 12 rabbonim have refused to recognize the Jewishness of people converted via the military and therefore, there were unwilling to register them for marriage.

According to officials, there are currently 80,000 children, infants to 18, immigrants and children of immigrants who are classified as non-Jews. MK (Yisrael Beitenu) Lia Shemtov, who chairs the committee, stated a method by which the giyur of these children is accomplished must be deemed acceptable for if not, “the situation is a ticking time bomb”.

During recent months, complaints were filed against seven civil servant rabbonim who refused to recognize the conversions, and they have a list of others who act in a similar fashion.

The legal advisor for the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, Shimon Ulman, also attended the meeting. He stated the “anarchy” that exists today is unacceptable and must be brought to an end. He plans to turn to local authorities to file charges against such rabbonim, explaining their actions are a violation of the penal code.

The committee decided call on all rabbonim employed by the state who do not recognize IDF [or state] conversions to immediately step down from their positions. The committee also turned to the chief rabbis to dismiss the rebel rabbonim and to inform the committee within 30 days as to what actions are being taken to correct the situation.

The committee also turned to Justice Minister Neeman to move ahead with disciplinary charges against any rav refusing to comply with the state giyur.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Regardless of the halachic issues involved, this is the logic outcome of attempting “marry” secular zionism with Yiddishkeit. As has been seen in many countries with state religions, putting the government in charge of religion works to the detriment of religious individuals. Better to follow the advice in Pirke Avos, and keep a substantial distance from the government.

  2. I don’t understand why they care whether these Rabbis will recognize them as Jews. Why don’t they just move on to “rabbis” that will comply with their feelings? It is an inconsistent stance to care about certain halachos, and disregard the others. Then again, I do prefer not trying to figure out that which will never make sense.

  3. I would call on the chief rabbi, if forced to fire these rabbis who take a moral stand, as to resign alongside.
    Solving anarchy by firing these rabbis will actually increase anarchy. (except the alternative of true conversion is unfortunately not a viable option acceptable to them)
    Lastly; Disciplinary charges? Are we to abandon moral stance? Are they puppets or rabbis. Forced resignation is understandable albeit a perpetuation of the problem.

  4. #5 good point–It seems these Rabbis prefer to accept the rules initiated by the Ultimate Employer–it’s a shame that might land them with criminal charges, but a major kiddush Hashem that they stand up for unadulterated Torah values.

  5. Yes, I guess there is room for debate. Clearly these Rabbonim have an issue with being mesader kedushin those whom they feel did not have a halachikly proper conversion. I would imagine that if they are being given the choice “either step down from your positions, or do something you feel is halachikly wrong”, then they would proudly resign.

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