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PHOTOS: Youths Block Entrance To Yerushalayim In Protest of Construction Freeze


PHOTO LINK BELOW: Dozens of right-wing activists blocked the entrance to Yerushalayim from Highway 1 on Monday evening in protest against the 10-month construction freeze throughout Yehuda and Shomron. Police moved in and dispersed protestors.

The youths returned later in the evening and tried again, once again disrupting traffic. Police made three arrests.

In the Southern Chevron Hills area, at Shema Junction, dozens of youths blocked the intersection in protest against the government decree, halting construction throughout Yehuda and Shomron. They threw rocks at Arab motorists. Border police were dispatched to restore order and clear the area.

YWN PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for photos by Chaim Schvarcz – Kuvien.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. interesting how nobody is crying what a chilul H’ this is but but when it come to protests of chilul shabbos and the like, where yidden are protesting l’shem shomayim everyone is excited to attack the chareidi/chassidic sect?? just thought i’d point that out…
    p.s.this isn’t the editor just trying to rev up the crowd

  2. To #1:
    I think that is an unfair statement. First of all I was at the protest in Yerushalayim (not taking part but all of the buses happened to stop right where the protest was taking place) and I happened to come right when the police came and quite brutaly started to drag these bochurim away.
    Second you can’t compare this to the Hafganot, the people protesting at the Freeze rally are a lot more l’sham shamayim (and peaceful I might add) then the Charedim who take part in the hafganot. There was no destruction of property last night, there was no one injured, these people had a clear purpose with their demonstrating.
    I don’t think setting dumpsters on fire is very l’shem Hashem. Gedolim themselves say the the people who take part in the Hafganot are not representing the Torah, they are typically people who just look for ways to cause trouble.
    Don’t make it a Charedi issue please, we have enough people pointing fingers at us.

  3. to #1
    In a democracy, everyone has the right to protest.
    However it is strange that the Chareidi protest to support Shaabos forces others (police, journalists, photographers) to be mechalel Shabbos. Secondly, any protest that harms or damages another person or their property (communal or personal) is not justifiable. You can’t go around calling other Jews “Nazi” and you can’t go around burning garbarge cans and destroying streetlights.
    The Chareidi velt has the right to protest. It should be peaceful, respectful to the law, and not force others to be mechalel shabbos.

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