More Chareidim, More Poor Children, More Violence Among Our Youth


cheder.jpgThe National Child Welfare Council, headed by Dr. Yitzchak Kadmon, released its annual report today, Wednesday, December 23, 2009.

According to the report, the number of children learning in chareidi and dati leumi schools has increased fivefold over the past three decades. This is in line with the recorded decline in the number of children learning in the nation’s public school system, down from 74.2% to 53.8% during the same three-decade period. The increase in the chareidi and dati leumi schools jumped significantly however, from 5.7% to 27.4%.

Leading the nation’s birthrate is Yerushalayim, reporting 20,875 births, close to three times the number recorded in Tel Aviv, which ranks second nationwide.

The report highlights the rapidly growing of non-citizen children in the nation’s schools, numbering 145,855 as of April 2009. This represents a 17% increase since 2001. That number includes Arab residents of the eastern capital who have Israeli identity cards but are non-citizens, amounting to 74%. The remainder, 38,000, is children of legal foreign workers. The report adds that in actuality, the total number is significantly larger since there are many illegal foreign residents in the country, not included in the above figure.

The report also cites there that in January 2009, there were 1,000 children from people who were granted asylum in Israel, people from the Ivory Coast, Sudan, Eritrea, and other areas. Close to 700 of the group were registered in schools in the Tel Aviv Jaffa area while others are in Eilat and Arad.

Sadly, the number of ‘poor children,’ those living under the state-defined poverty line, continues to increase since the turn of the century. In January 2009, 834,000 children fell into this category, a bit over one in every three children in the country. Since January 2001, this number increased an alarming 43%, including 18% of new immigrants, which is almost twice their relative representation in the general population. 209,000 children were living in a single-parent home in 2008 and 14,148 had to deal with divorce.

2008 showed a sharp increase in violence involving the nation’s youth, recording a 50% increase from 2000. Truancy from school has risen as well, 85,837 recorded cases last year as opposed to 58,299 five years earlier and 19,093 in 1995.

In the past decade, there has been a 60% increase in the number of recorded cases opened for criminal offenses against children from within the family. Dr. Kadmon expressed alarm over the increase in recorded cases of child abuse.

Regarding IDF service in 2008, 75.3% of males and 58.5% of females served in the military.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. The crimnal class is, overwhelmingly, composed of the value-free children of secular-atheists, and the barbarian gangsters who were imported by the secular parties to offset the demographic rise in the hareidi population.

  2. anon, i did not read it that way. i read it as three things- there are more chareidim, there are more poor children, and there is more violence among youths.

  3. BS”D

    The traditional criminal class of EY is in fact made up of the grandchildren of the victims of forced secularization who arrived from the Arab world during the 1950’s. The same last names that are found on the police blotters of EY are found in the medical and business directories of Paris and Montreal, and these names include the family names of the gedolei Sefarad of prior generations.

    I shudder to think how many descendants of Rambam, the Rif, CHIDA, etc are in prison in EY, all thanks to the work of the medine and in particular the rishus of then education ministry director Yaakov Sarid OLBM, the father of Yossi Sarid, who was responsible for the “re-education” policy during the “Cultural Revolution” of the medine in the 50’s.

    Indeed, though, criminality in EY reached new lows when arrivals from the FSU brought their gangsterish ways with them upon arrival. Some of the masterminds of the FSU crime wave were davka sent by the KGB with the last wave of late Soviet era immigrants so as to destabilize EY. While today’s international EY crime families that control gambling, drugs etc are mostly the first group I mentioned, they could not get where they are today (especially in Europe) without FSU connections.

  4. How ’bout this heading:

    More Chareidim, More Poor Children, More Violence Among Secular Youth

    Besides preventing confusion, it’s only fair since any secular media would surely write (if it was Chareidi youth) “More Violence Among Chareidi Youth”.