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SuperBus Wants Chareidi Drivers

Supb.jpgThe SuperBus Company, which operates bus routes in many areas including Modi’in Illit, Beit Shemesh and other chareidi areas, is seeking to improve its service and is now in the midst of a recruitment campaign, seeking chareidi drivers. At present, many of the company’s drivers are Arab.

The company is offering suitable candidates to be trained at the company’s expense, towards earning a license to operate a public bus. Company officials view this as a major step towards accommodating the chareidi public, while providing a livelihood for members of the community.

There is a major campaign to enlist potential drivers from Modi’in Illit, a move that company management views as an ideal situation, drivers from within the community served by the very same bus company. Company officials add the job offers an attractive package, flexible hours, and generally speaking, capable of accommodating employees and their lifestyle needs.

Company officials are calling on suitable candidates from Modi’in Illit who seek employment to visit the company office in the city and inquire regarding the driver training program.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Terrific idea, I am all in favor. Small problem, though. In many areas of Modiin illit, if you have a job, they “strongly encourage” you to move out. It doesn’t look good for a torah community to have men actually working for their parnassah.

  2. Shlomozalman – I’ve lived in KS for 16 years and worked for most of that time. Once what you write was the case, but not so much any more – or perhaps because I’m older, I’m expected to work by now.

    I do think thought that there will be a terrible “busha” problem for kids with a father who’s a bus driver; which of course is insane, but so are most things that happen here. I pretty much expect that only sephardim/temanim will take the jobs, because they’ve got more sense than our ashkenazi brothers!

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