Rahm Emanuel Warned Not To Make Son’s Bar Mitzvah In Israel


Chevron activists Baruch Marzel and Itamar Ben-Givir, who also serve as parliamentary aides to MK (Ichud HaLeumi) Dr. Michael Ben-Ari, have sent a letter to White House Chief of Staff Rom Emanuel suggesting he celebrate his son’s bar mitzvah elsewhere, not at the Kosel as reports indicate he plans to do.

In their letter they quote Maseches Avos, in which we learn a child reaching bar mitzvah is responsible for adherence to mitzvos, stating that his example and observance of mitzvos to date is as far from what the Torah demands “as East and West”, and even worse, that “he is a Hellenist, working against Israel and Eretz Yisrael”.

They point out that “to our sorrow” during the last year, President Barak Obama’s tenure in the White House, “You have worked against the State of Israel and the Jewish People”. They remind Emanuel of his recent comment to Israel’s consul general to Los Angeles, in which he is quoted as saying “I have had it with the Israelis”.

“You are not the first Jew in history trying to advance himself at the expense of his people. There were traitors before you such as Josephus Flavius and others, who in all likelihood also celebrated their bar mitzvah but we remember them as traitors, seeking riches and honor, at the expense of their people.

“Unlike the Government of Israel, we will not bow and participate with all those seeking to hurt the Jewish People”, promising if Emanuel comes to Yerushalayim to mark his son’s bar mitzvah, he will be met and escorted by protests “as is fitting and not with candies and flowers”.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Israel means nothing to him, and being Jewish even less. So why would he even go there for this occasion? Answer: Appearances = ayin hara

  2. 1. They might have been more effective in pointing out that according to the United States government;s official policy, the Kossel (Western Wall) is not located in Israeli territory, but is part of a West Bank settlement.

    2. This guarantees that if he comes to Israel, there will be tremendous publicity and massive security, and creates the possibility that the letter writers can be arrested for incitement (what we call “sedition” in the United States).

    3. It also promotes the idea that the Kossel is, as many claim, of limited religious significance and primarily a political symbol. This undermines Israeli claims, which are at present not recognized by any other country, which are based on the theory that the Kossel is of such religious importance that it should be under Israeli control.

  3. What Chutzpa does this self-hating Jew have. Isn’t the Western Wall part of the ‘occupied land’ in the Palestinian east Jerusalem? How dare he go to the place that he wants to take away from us?
    This is a typical liberal hypocrite!

  4. This is really quite sad. We become so absorbed in our issues and life from our perspective that we forget that others may have a different perspective. Chazal have taught us “Hocheach Tocheach as Amisechah”. The mitzva is only relevant if one knows how to frame their statements so that there may be an acceptance on the side of the listener. Chazal have stated that it is ossur to perform hochachah if all you will do is anger the listener and drive them further away from the Torah. How much more so when one does not personally know the listener at all and the listener is a powerful politician who believes in the righteousness of his actions and is in a position of power that could cause great harm to Klall Yisroel. The mis-communication of zealots has caused Klall Yisrel irreperable harm in the past. May Hashem continue to watch over and protect us from the good intentions of Ba’alei Machlokes and bring Rachamim Emmanuel to accept the letter with understanding and no anger.

  5. Thank you, Dr. D.

    Watching the ultra right pouring shame and protests upon the head of an innocent little 13-year-old bar mitzva boy trying to read his parsha at the Kosel is great photo-op…

    for our enemies!

  6. The mis-communication of zealots has caused Klall Yisrel irreperable harm in the past. SO HAS THE LACK OF COMMUNICATION ON ALMOST EVERY ISSUE OF IMPORTANCE TO THE RESIDENTS OF ISRAEL CAUSED KLAL YISRAEL UNTOLD HARM


    bring Rachamim Emmanuel to accept the letter with understanding and no anger – ARE YOU PRIVY TO A TECHNIQUE TO USE dr. d SO THAT UNDERSTANDING AND NO ANGER RESULTS FROM LETTER WRITING, please clue us in!!!!!

  7. “…if Emanuel comes to Yerushalayim to mark his son’s bar mitzvah, he will be met and escorted by protests as is fitting and not with candies and flowers.”

    Oy vey! If not candles and flowers, are Emanuel and his THIRTEEN YEAR OLD SON going to be met with rocks and spit (Rachmana Litzlan)? In no way should the bar-mitzvah of an innocent child be an occasion for a political protest.

    These right-wing fanatics have the chutzpah to announce in advance that they intend to perform a huge Chillul HaShem. Shame on them…they are just as much a disgrace to Klal Yisrael as they claim Rom Emanuel is. LEAVE THIS INNOCENT BOY OUT OF IT, FOR G-D’S SAKE!

  8. 1) you do not know what his positions are or whether he supports Israel in chadrei chaderim
    2) You have no right to interfere with an attempt to perform at mitzva for a young child who could grow up to be frum

  9. is the son even halachikly a yehudi???? has he been living an emesdika yiddishe life. there is more to living as a yehudi than just being a yehudi (if he is one).

  10. Perhaps RE is trying to teach his son to be a better person than is he. I would like for him to state is position with regard to his suport, or lack thereof, of Israel in chadrei chaderim. I agree with #14 about letting the child have his special Bar Mitzva, but I would support a news blackout of the celebration.

  11. when did israelis and jews start meaning the same thing?
    Since the ISRAELIS left MITZRAIM in biblical times, JEWS and ISRAELITES are the same and will remain the same till the days of the Mashiach.

  12. he should stay with obamanation in rev wright stunk for the kids Bar MItzvah.He is a slef hating Jew along with Karl Marx which he wants america to become a marxist society. Study up on marx and see where he and his brother want to take us. Glad to have his son at the Kossel but keep his father with wright

  13. It is an issur d’orayta to find reasons to mock the ger or giyuret, as people who posted comments 4 and 15. They are insulting a giyuret simply for the pleasure of attacking Rahm Emanuel.

    Being converted the morning of your wedding is not grounds to pasul a conversion, as many poskim even today have people converted the mornings of their weddings, as many poskim have recognized people who convert and get married shortly thereafter, as many poskim have said that converting for marriage is kosher b’dieved, and as many poskim have even mandated in the event that a Jew and non-Jew are living together in z’nut.

    The suggestions here are not merely ignorant of the laws and literature of the poskim throughout the history of Torah, but show a blatant disregard for the laws of ‘lashon h’ra’, ‘v’ahavtem et ha’ger’ and the 3 lavim d’orayta not to oppress the ger. None of the people commenting here have any reason to attack this giyuret at all – at all.

    These comments are what lead the Jewish people to begin the terrible path toward experiencing the punishments of the toch’achah.

    Anger at Rahm Emanuel is no reason to sink to his level, if he even has sunk there. Attacks against the man should be political and maintain mutual respect, lest we as a people fall into the hands of unconditional hatred – sinat hinam.

    You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

  14. Since there seems to be so many learned people commenting, correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t one of the criteria of being megayer being mekabel the oil hamitzvos?

  15. #20 -Joshuare5768…. Did you say: “YOU people should be ashamed of YOURSELVES”? You remind us of the Rosho in the Hagodoh where he states what is this to you? Aren’t you part of “ourselves”? How dare you? Mr. Moderator, please block tjhis self-hater from further postings…

  16. Jews and Isralites r the same but not Jews and Israelis. Israel is a secular nation and Jews believe in Hashem and Torah. Simple.Dont u get it???

  17. converting on the nite before ur wedding, its not lishmah,open halacha. And to marry a self hating Jew.The child is no yid,what parsha does he read.? Kabaid es Avecha??Or yatza ltarbos ra.Or os hee bani uvain B.Y. ITS A GALECHTER.Hes(father) a poshe yisral.Sure he can b/c a baltshuvah, but first dont marry a goy with a fake Garus.

  18. #20. no you are right. conversion on your wedding day is valid. however, any conversion, be it on the wedding day or otherwise, is only valid if sincere. clearly this conversion wasn’t sincere. that is grounds for criticism and condemnation. as such, all the laws of loving geirim do not apply. besides i am pretty sure it wasnt a gerus k’halacha.

    #25 that is offensive, and it should never have been allowed up on this site. are you from “yeshiva x”??? your lack of mussar, middos and refinement is astounding.

  19. “Why can’t Rahm Emanuel make his son’s bar mitzvah in the White House Rose Garden?”

    He could, but because the White House Rose Garden is in the hands of the Waqf, then he would have to wear a yellow dhimmie cap over his kippah.

  20. Mr. E is a member of a Modern Orthodox shul in Chicago. He has been for years. He never hides his pride at being Jewish. Making a Bar Mitvah at the Kosel makes a lasting impression on a Bar Mitzvah and his family. To “shter” such a kiruv opportunity would be much more than “just” another Chillul Hashem. It would be an out and out “richuk” to
    Jews looking for signs of warmth and acceptance from Chareidim.