Yosef Banda Leaves Japan En-Route To Eretz Yisroel


Ten months following his sentencing in a Japanese court, one of the three Bochrim imprisoned in a harsh Japanese prison, Yosef Banda is scheduled to arrive in Eretz Yisrael on Wednesday evening, (March 10th), where he will serve the remainder of his sentence, according to numerous reports.

The process of persuading Japanese officials to permit his extradition to Israel was not a simple one, one that involved the highest levels of government.

The Japanese court sentenced Yosef to 5 years imprisonment and a $40,000, and after calculating time served, he still has a bit over 18 months that will be completed in an Israeli prison.

According to reports, Israeli policemen are also going to accompany Banda on the flight to Israel.

No official government agency is willing to comment on the details of this report.

The tzibur is requested to continue including Yosef ben Ita Rivka, Yoel Zev ben Mirel Reesa Chava and Yaakov Yosef ben Raizel in tefillos.


(Source: Combined Charedi News Agencies)


  1. #3 It may be necessary to start demonstrations and tefilla kinus to have him sent back to JAPAN instead.

    Thanks to all who were able to secure his release to Israel to complete his sentencing (see his parents, receive food/items that he needs). Baruch Hashem, hodu l’hashem ki tov….

  2. Dear YWN editor.

    You have unlawfully published the name of this boy.

    Particularly as he is minor involved in a crime (I think 17 years ols at the time) you may not anme him for legal reasons.

    Up until today I only knew him as Yosef ben Yuta Rivka

  3. Baruch HaShem. He has landed in Israel, was allowed to meet with his direct family for a minute or so and has now been taken to Ramle prison.
    #6 His name has been widely known and published all over the world for a long time already

  4. Trying to set record straight here. It was actually Not a big deal to get him back to israel. There is a prisoner swap treaty between the countries. It is simply a bureaucratic process to have him released.

    Much thanks got to Dr David Buxbaum, and R Mendel Shafran for having this prisoner release happen

  5. #8 I agree with you, but some otyhers seem to think Pollard is almost as bad as a spy who pled guilty to giving the Russians info that directly led to the deaths of American agents in Russia.

    And they also seem to think that Rubashkin is a criminal just because he was charged and arrested as one.

  6. #6 the names of these 3 boys are known thruout the world. what did you think ,with all this publicity, tehilim saying, mass reporting, we wouldnt know their name? also they did not commit no crime.if you want to belive otherwise be nmy guest

  7. Hahaha, FB Bubby is outta control!!!
    To be honest, though, I did thoroughly enjoy that.
    I think what our favorite Bubby is trying to say, is that the Israeli government cannot possibly be compared to the barbaric Japanese one, and that your comment (#3) was vastly incorrect and pretty inappropriate.