Rocket Attack During VP Biden’s Visit; Silence Is Deafening


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Israeli leaders are tripping over themselves with apologies and explanations for daring to announce planned construction in Ramat Shlomo in the presence of US Vice President Joe Biden.

Perhaps it is time to learn from the terrorists, for in Gaza, they are concerned with one thing only, their primary objective, the destruction of the State of Israel, unbothered by political nuances.

Proving the point, a Kassam rocket smashed into a shed on a southern area kibbutz while the vice president was in town. Baruch Hashem there was no injuries or loss of life. The deafening silence however was audible, that absence of protests, the lack of words of criticism or condemnatory statements from the White House, State Department, EU, Britain, France and the UN, all who quickly took their place in line to strike a blow at Israel, to protest the audacity of a sovereign government that plans to build housing units in its capital. The left-wing was equally silent, not wishing to mar the atmosphere of euphoria surrounding the vice president’s condemnation of plans to add Jewish homes to the Jewish capital.

Sadly, the world remains silent, as it does while Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad moves ahead happily towards advancing his weapons of mass destruction agenda; all while the Western world sits in judgment, monitoring Jerusalem’s actions under a magnifying glass.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. re: “to protest the audacity of a sovereign government that plans to build housing units in its capital.”

    Surely Mr. Spira knows that the world doesn’t legally recognize Israel’s annexation of so-called “East Jerusalem” and therefore doesn’t view the situation quite the way Mr. Spira described it, but rather they view it more along the lines of an aggressor building in occupied land. Like if North Korea were to build something in the no-man’s-land bordering the two states there.

    See, Israel is not really a sovereign entity like France, the UK, the US and the others. The world sometimes allows Israel to think they are sovereign, but Israel is really beholden to the nations of the world and has to constantly beg them for things and apologize to them; in other words Israel is, of course, the true Galus Jew that Zionists, themselves, love to denigrate.

    No other nation has to deal with all this garbage of having to justify their every move and, on top of that, to pay their sworn enemy to teach their next generation to continue hating their benefactors. It is so absurd it would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

    So when the world wants one thing and Israel wants another, guess who the world is going to favor? The rocket attack would create a problem with the direction the world wants this visit to take, so they ignore it. Just one small reason why Zionism was, and is, a really bad idea.

  2. As for Iran, I’m sure the many military defense chiefs in many western nations are dealing with it. Just because you don’t see public rhetoric about Iran doesn’t mean it’s not being dealt with, with G-d’s help.

  3. Let’s get one thing straight. Ramat Shlomo was ruled by Jordan 1948-1967 but it is not “East Jerusalem.” Ramat Shlomo is 3 to 4 kilometers direct NORTH of Mea Shearim. Calling Ramat Shlomo “East Jerusalem” is like calling the entire Medina, “The West Bank.” Would any precise person call New Jersey, “East Maryland?”

  4. Zionism is a terrible idea. Ofcourse… Instead of having non religios Jews in charge of the Israeli government we should have Arabs in charge. Then no one will be angry at us.

  5. Kovetz:

    You are ignoring the effects of of Zionism from even well before the founding of the State of Israel in 1948.

    You are also assuming that “putting Arabs in charge” is the only other option, which it, of course, is certainly not the only other (theoretical) option.

    The present-day reality is that Israel is here, and is responsible with protecting the lives of millions of Jews; so much of this discussion is, therefore, academic. But that’s no reason to blindly worship Zionism like the recently read-about Golden Calf just because Israel happens to exist and with complete ignorance of the history of the last 150 years.