Interior Minister Calls for Enforcement of Chametz Law


As Pesach approaches, Interior Minister (Shas) Eli Yishai has instructed all local governments to ensure the law prohibiting the sale of chametz on the yomtov is enforced in all cities and municipalities.

The minister sent a letter to local governments, reminding municipal officials the law prohibits the public display of chametz. The minister requested that all municipalities submit a list with the names of inspectors responsible for enforcing the law, no later than March 16th. The minister explained that he views Pesach as an important yomtov, one which marks leaving Egypt and the beginning of Am Yisrael as a nation.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. So the minister ties Pesach to the modern (mostly secular, government and laws) Israeli state?

    Why did Moses tell Pharo to let his people go?

    To go play on the beaches of Eilat?

    No, it was “to serve G-d in the desert”.

    We need to remember why we have Pesach and remind those in charge of Israel what they should be striving for.