The UN’s Chutzpah – Condemning The Sentence In The Azariya Manslaughter Trial


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1The United Nations does not miss a beat when it comes to condemning Israel and in the case of the trial of Elor Azariya, there is no exception.

Israel is angry over the UN Human Rights Council for its comment on the sentence in Israel, as Azariya was sent to 18-months imprisonment and demotion to private. The council however feels the sentence is “unacceptable” since it deals with an IDF soldier firing at a PA (Palestinian Authority) resident.

Azaria was convicted of manslaughter for firing at and killing a wounded Arab terrorist shortly after the latter perpetrated a terror attack in Hebron, last Purim.

Spokeswoman for the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights Ravina Shamdasani warned the sentence “risks undermining the [Israeli] justice system since the maximum sentence for manslaughter is 20 years.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman was quick to fire back, pointing out that the Un has a “twisted moral scale” and that “millions of bullets” are being fired in Syria, Libya and Iraq and the Human Rights Council condemns Israel. Education Minister Naftali Bennet twitted “Your input on the matter was really what was missing” and Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon commented on the hypocrisy as the UN ignores mass murder in so many areas of the region.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Why does the United States continue to give credence to this body by remaining a member and by hosting this institution? It simply gives terror nations and groups a receiptive ear and just encourages them further to continue their terrorism. Why don’t they relocate the UN to Syria so that the ambassadors can look out their window and witness serious human rights violations.

    Unless, perhaps this is a kiyum of the k’lala that Eisav Sonei es Yaakov and it is actually sparing us further bloodshed in Eretz Yisroel.

  2. UN is the empire of liberalism in the World Obama’s main headquarter when last week was a terror attack in Israel the fail to condemn the Palestinians dont worry
    PURIM IS COMING SOON we will hear
    מי הוא זה ואי זה הוא אשר מלאו לבו
    לעשות כן

  3. Why oh why does anyone in the world care a whit what these morons say?? We should stop funding them not to send a message because who cares anyway but because it’s the biggest waste of money imaginable!