Special Team Being Formed To Address Attacks Against Chareidi Soldiers


idffA special team is being formulated by the Attorney General’s Office to address attacks against chareidi IDF soldiers, known by the frum community opposing their service as ‘chardakim’.

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit held a special meeting on Sunday, 1 Rosh Chodesh Adar in his office to consult with Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan on the matter. Also present were the IDF Chief Prosecutor, an Israel Police representative, a representative from the State Prosecutor’s Office, and other involved in the matter.

Mandelblit cited the need for a firm and immediate battle against attacks and harassment against chareidim serving in the military, and addressing such incidents must remain high priority, addressing threats against members of all religions for their serving as soldiers.

The attorney general explained the committee that is being formed must be capable of responding immediately and effectively to complaints received from chareidi soldiers, who are targeted for serving in the military. He warned these attacks will negatively impact chareidi enlistment into the IDF. Mandelblit explains these complaints must be processed and turned over to police and state prosecutor to continue the process.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Its bad enough most of these vile cowards will not help to protect their families and communities against the enemies of EY….however, when they attack those who do, there should be no mercy shown and they should suffer the consequences and treated like the terrorists they are. The security forces are authorized to use live fire against the arab terrorists who attack them….this small fringe element of chareidi extremists should be treated no differently.

  2. “He warned these attacks will negatively impact chareidi enlistment into the IDF”–

    Yes, that’s the whole point! Boruch HaShem it’s been working. If they stop trying to enlist Charedim there will be no need for the harassment and it will stop.

  3. “Gadolhadorah”:
    Written like a true Zionist, meaning, therefore, completely opposite of reality.

    They are not “vile cowards”; they are following the Torah and protesting against Jews subjecting themselves to the shmad of the Zionist army (which neatly encompasses all three “cardinal” sins) while, incidentally, learning Torah, which is what truly what protects and saves…

    Next, the savages to whom you refer are not “enemies of E”Y”. They are certainly enemies of the Zionists and their state, but not to the land, E”Y. Thanks to Zionist lies, unfortunately, they are also, arguably, enemies of Jews in general.

  4. #1 Gadol: the mods at YWN must love you so much that they don’t care what you post. Even when you use vile epithets against frum Jews, and call for the army to use live ammunition against frum resistors/demonstrators.
    Just for the record, I’m wondering if our Gadol puts his money where his mouth is, and has volunteered to serve in the IDF to help protect the communities in EY against our enemies.
    Dear Mods: in the past, you have blocked much milder comments than Gadol’s. Why are such blatantly inciting remarks allowed through?