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Rabbi Levinstein May Receive A Reprieve From The IDF

1Rabbi Yigal Levinstein of Bnei David IDF Prepatory Yeshiva is going to be meeting with IDF Chief of Personnel Directorate Major-General Moti Almoz. Levinstein has been declared persona non grata by the military’s Education Corps for daring to voice his opinion; speaking out against toeiva couples in the military and other unacceptable realities that exist today. Levinstein spoke out when religious soldiers were compelled to shave their beards and the overall lack of effort to accommodate Torah observant soldiers.

Despite being a senior reserve duty officer and have dedicated his life to serving in the military and preparing the next generation of young combatants, Levinstein was blacklisted for daring to speak in the name of Torah, against the IDF.

It appears the rosh yeshiva of Bnei David, Rabbi Eli Sadan, had a difficult conversation with Almoz during which he expressed his anger over the military blacklisting Levinstein. This led to the upcoming conversation with Rabbi Levinger.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. A rabbi is supposed to tell us what the Torah says. If the rabbi does not do that he is not a rabbi.

    So what does the IDF want? A rabbi who denies what the Torah states? Next will come the burning of the Torah by the IDF.

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