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US Secretary of State Continues to Blame Israel

US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has called on Israel to “do more” to advance peace efforts with the PA (Palestinian Authority). She also called on the PA to end incitement against Israel. She blames Israel for preventing any advancement in the process, despite White House efforts, pointing an accusing finger at “settlement activity”.

Unfortunately, like many prominent officials in the international community, the senior American official continues referring to Hamas as “militants”, seemingly yet unaware of the magnitude of the threat to Western values the Gaza-based terror regime has, along with other Muslim fundamentalist organizations including Hizbullah.

In her address before an audience in the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Mideast Peace, Clinton explained the need to strengthen Fatah, i.e. the PA administration based in Ramallah under the leadership of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), calling Fatah “a credible partner”. She warned that a Fatah collapse would lead to a Hamas takeover, an unwanted reality on all accounts.

In short, the secretary continued on the path adopted by the Obama administration, espousing the same rhetoric, conveniently blaming stalled talks on “settlements and construction” while preferring to ignore ongoing terrorism and incitement based in all PA areas, both in Gaza and Ramallah.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. Derech Ha’teva, Her Thighness needs glasses so that she could see that the Izzy’s have bent over backwards for ‘peace’ while the keep wanting to give away ‘pieces’ of their country.

  2. #3 – Obviously – what possible other explanation could there be for your comment being deleted? Must be YWN is run by liberals.


    And I cannot you that you can accuse YWN of being liberal after reading this article. It reads like a conservative opinion piece. I’m not saying that it’s wrong, just that this is about as far from liberal as it gets.

  3. #2, please. This is a Jewish site. Kindly choose words a tad more tznius. Also, the {peace/piece) wordplay has been done already on this site.

    Incidentally, is that your real name or are you a fan of the radio personality?

  4. Hillary is afraid of addressing the fact that these people do not recognize the State of Israel. There should be no discussion until they recognize. Also these people are terrorists they voted for a terrorist government and as such are all terrorists and murderers. They have not renounced terrorism. The US is only asking for trouble to legitimize this group of people in any which way. All Hillary is doing is encouraging terrorism for all the world for the future. Because it works! She is listening to them. Now if she would listen to me. Begin by making Hamas swear to the whole world that they renounced terrorism. Then recognize Israel. Then talk.

  5. #3
    It usually happens when you have an irrefutable point that proves the site wrong.
    I cut down reading/commenting here down 90%.

  6. Second posting.
    I see i’m right.
    It usually happens when you have an irrefutable point that proves the site wrong.
    I cut down reading/commenting here down 90%.

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