Police Raid Bnei Brak Hall on Memorial Day Eve


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Police on Sunday night raided the Samayach T’Samach Hall in Bnei Brak as a bar mitzvah was taking place for someone in the Satmar community. The raid was due to the law barring catering halls from operating on Memorial Day. The bar mitzvah was that of a grandson of one of the Satmar roshei yeshiva.

Police tracked down the owner of the hall, and he was given a NIS 600 fine. The manager explained to police that he was simply unaware than this year, the Memorial Day/Independence Day observances were pushed off, but police were not convinced and they issued the summons. On the other hand, they did not order the bar mitzvah halted.

Usually, Memorial Day is held on 4 Iyar, followed by Independence Day on 5 Iyar. This year, this would have made motzei shabbos Memorial Day and such an event would have resulted in chilul shabbos as preparations would have begun during the day for the ceremonies and security arrangements.

As such, Memorial Day was pushed off to Sunday night, 5 Iyar, and Independence Day was observed on Monday night and Tuesday, 6 Iyar.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)