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Israel: Major Operation Leads to Arrest of Tens of Illegal Weapons Dealers

An undercover agent succeeded in infiltrating a major northern Israeli illegal weapons operation leading to a raid involving hundreds of border police and other officers, and the arrests of 34 suspected weapons dealers. The raid took place in a number of northern Israeli Arab communities in the Galil area, including Majdal Khrom, Tamra, Sha’ab, Araba, and Kabul. The weapons found included machineguns, sub machineguns, grenades, handguns, pipe bombs, and shotguns.

Northern District Police Chief Shimon Koren reports that some of the weapons were smuggled in from Arab nations bordering Israel, weapons that are intended for the underworld, some already used in hits. Police add that some of the weapons were stolen from homes in Israel.

The Akko Magistrate’s Court on Thursday extended the remand of all 34 suspects, all of whom police report are have known contacts with the underworld.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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