Police to question passer-bys in motorcycle accident


mishtara.jpgAccording to a Haaretz news report, the Israeli police would like to question the people who just passed by the man who was lying on the road – bleeding to death – without stopping to help him. One man told police “It was obvious the man was dead anyway, so there was no point in attending to him”.

Police are more troubled with the question as to why many cars just swerved to avoid the man, and not really concerned with why they did not stop to administer first aid. It’s possible that many are not trained in first aid, but the normal instinct of a human is to stop and “try” and help.

“They kept driving, as though the man were road kill,” a police officer told Haaretz.


  1. “It was obvious the man was dead anyway, so there was no point in attending to him”.

    Wow! something to be proud of! Either a stain on HUMANITY or/and a stain on Yiddishkeit,,,,,,,unfortunatley there is no other escape. Hashem Yiracheim!

  2. WHAT are you talking about?

    There is a building which has regular, normal surveillance cameras.

    After he was pronounced dead, the police probably went to nearby buildings and asked them if they have cameras facing the street so they can figure out how the accident happened – and this building had a perfect shot.

    What is so difficult to comprehend this?

    No one is watching this all day & night. They constantly record it.

    And even if they DO have a security guard watching their cameras 24/7, what’s wrong with that?

    Ever hear of S-E-C-U-R-I-T-Y-?

  3. if this is in fact security, then imagine if chas v’shalom this was a terror attack & the cameras are just recording, not being watched live by security personel ! a live person watching can actaully call the police or in this case an ambulace

  4. mybe the brisker rav was right when he said that one should not be together alone (yichud) with a zionist because they have no concern for human life.

  5. yah,so oce again all those who tried to defend all the tzadikim who passed by the dying man,the picture gets even clearer(one of these meshuguyim told polce it was useless to stop because he looked dead)such good people,i tell you!!!

  6. Bilev Echad,
    “Maybe” he was right?
    Have you heard of the “disengagement” or of “Amona” just to mention a few of the more recent events?

  7. to the story even more sad, if they didnt care to pass by him without stopping to help him, they for sure dont care what anyone thinks about it.
    Icvisah D’mishicha, very painful.

  8. It was obvious the man was dead anyway, so there was no point in attending to him”.

    If you really believed he was dead and you had no kovod hameis Why didn`t you just drive over him?