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Der Spiegel: Mossad Behind Iran Hit

The assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist in Tehran last week was the first major operation of Mossad director Tamir Pardo, the Der Spiegel website reported Monday.

The article, which quotes an Israeli intelligence source, surveys the series of assassination attempts involving Iranian scientists in the past 18 months and points to the Mossad as the organization at the forefront of Israel’s campaign against an Iranian nuclear bomb.

According to reports, the scientist was shot to death last Saturday while taking his daughter to kindergarten. “It was the first public operation by new Mossad chief Tamir Pardo,” an unnamed Israeli intelligence source told Der Spiegel’s correspondent in Beirut.

It was later revealed that the victim was involved in the development of switches for a nuclear bomb and had worked in a research center in northern Tehran.


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  1. And this “Baba Mayseh” was in Der Spiegel! You should be ashamed of yourselves for using such a source.

    Even if it is true, what purpose are you serving by reporting it?

  2. HA! I KNEW IT! I said it right when it happened! Go look it up for yourself! MOSAD! MOSAD! MOSAD! MOSAD! MOSAD! MOSAD!

  3. It doesn’t ready matter if isreal claims responsibility or not it’s painfully obvious to iran who was behind it so all it does if rub it in which is a great idea

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