Photo Essay: Wedding of Youngest Son Of Toldos Tzvi Spinka Rebbe & Granddaughter Of Toldos Aharon Rebbe (Photos by JDN)



  1. Is it tznious to have one female (the kallah) in a room with hundreds of men? Is it tznious to have one individual male other than the chusson dancing directly in front of the kallah? (perhaps, is that her father or grandfather?—- I hope) At the front table, why is the chausson seated several seats away from the center of the table? Besides for the kallah, were women not invited for the simcha?

  2. TGI:
    You’re not really looking for an answer…
    you just have this hatred towards Chasidim and everything they stand for.

    FYI, Satmar Rav, Reb Yoel Z”L. danced mitzvah tantz in front of his great-niece (the Beirach Moishe’s daughter)
    There are some of us here that remember it VIVIDLY!

    I’d rather be in company with Reb Yoel z”l in Gehenom (You probably feel that THAT’S where chasidim belong) than with you in Gan Eden…

  3. I wish we could watch a video of the dancing, the niggunim are always so nice. BTW, the kallahs gown is a gorgeous cream puff! Really magnificent. Where did the wedding take place?

  4. Nothing like the “sibling rivalry” here in the YWN comments to add one more delicious flourish to a marvelous, magical, mystical celebration. Tantz yidden! Tantz!

  5. apdsvys. I’ll answer your questions in numerical fashion
    1. I am looking for an answer or thoughts from others.
    2. I don’t have a hatred for Chassidim. I may have a hatred of an individual’s specific policy or political belief, if they are against Israel, the IDF, child molester, withholding a Get, or decide to stand with Iran.
    3. I may not wear a fur hat, but I wouldn’t feel appropriate or modest to dance by my great-niece at her wedding. That’s just my own personal comfort level of tzniousness. I understand you may feel differently, and that’s alright.
    4. I wouldn’t wish you or anyone to be in Gehonom, so it’s a confusion infliction you placed upon your eternal life because of a comment on a website’s commenting section.
    –A lot of assumptions, little evidence. Enjoy your share to come (or lack thereof, as you wished)