EMERGENCY FUND: 5 Children Being Torn Away From Yiddishkeit!!


My name is Sruly F. I have 5 beautiful children between the ages of 9-17. After 12 years of marriage my wife left our family to live with her newly found, non-Jewish boyfriend, and I was left to raise our 5 children on my own.

After one of their many extravagant vacations, she let us know that she was planning on marrying the Goy and wanted to take the children to live with them. She took me to court. After a year of battling lies and deceit, being thrown out of our home with the children, B’Chasdei Hashem I was able to win primary custodial rights, and she was given visitation. Our yiddishe home was kept intact. However, this was unfortunately just the beginning.

In the time spent with our children, she began to try to push her way of life on them. She belittled Shabbos, Yom Tov, their frum schools, and frumkeit, in general. They resented this and began avoiding their visits with her. The final straw for them was finding out, after they finished eating, that she had served them triefa food in her house. Once they realized this they made a firm decision, on their own, that they would never eat or sleep by her again. Their conviction and commitment to Yiddishkeit was strong and was proven to be unbreakable.

Their resistance to her fueled her anger. She brought more lies into court trying to prove that I was controlling and brainwashing the children to prevent them from having a relationship with her. Her objective was made clear as she declared openly in court – to have me put in jail for contempt of court, as the children were no longer visiting, and receive full custody of the children.

This court case, fighting for my children’s yiddishkeit, has drained me emotionally, physically and financially. Baruch Hashem, I have enough to provide the basics-food, mortgage and the everyday expenses, but due to the long process, the attorney fees have become astronomical, and I can no longer afford them.

My family is helping in every way possible, but the costs are still too high. I am facing many more months in court as the battle continues. This astronomical sum hangs over my head as I am now forced to reach out for help so my children can remain in my care and I can continue raising them as proper Yidden.

We cannot allow money to stand in our way. And so I turn to you, my dear brothers and sisters, to please help me as I fight this Milchamas Hashem. In the zchus of your help, may Hashem grant you true Yiddishe Nachas from all your children and their descendants Ad Bias Goel Tzedek.

Attached is a letter signed by two of the Lakewood Roshei Yeshiva, HaRav Yerucham Olshin Shlita, and HaRav Dovid Schustel Shlita.

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