Help A Widow (Mrs. Ehrenfeld) And Her 3 Children


Dear Klal Yisroel,

With profound sorrow and a heavy heart, we are sincerely pleading for your help.

A young father While driving home from work on Friday, our dear friend Yoel Ehernfeld suffered a massive heart attack and died tragically. He was only 37 years old. He left behind a young wife and 3 small children who are now in a state of shock as their entire world has suddenly collapsed around them. The family has absolutely no means to support themselves and they desperately need our help, now more than ever. Please, Please, please give generously.

They need us now. More than ever. We are pleading with you Please help them get back on their feet as they learn to cope with this life changing tragedy and loss they are suffering from.

Let’s do everything we can !!!

May HaShem console them and comfort them בתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים.


Thank you for your kind generosity.

Shloime Weinstock, Ari Mittelman, Yanky Leonorovitz, Yoel Steinmetz, Yoel Reisman, Yoel Neustatd, Leivy Yitzchok Landau, Yoel Teller