Meet Glattplay

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Move over, Playmobil, there’s a new toy on the block and he’s wearing a shtreimel. Meet Glattplay, the company producing the Shpielmans, an intricately designed family perfect for small hands and big minds.

Meet Zeidy, grandson of the Grand Rebbe, or Ruchel who loves cheesecake! Help Tatty cut the challah on Shabbos with a beautifully designed challah board and knife, or make Havdalah with a filled Kiddush cup.

Glattplay’s toys are exquisite in their details and inspiring in their simplicity. It took designer Eytan Siboni several tries until he got it just right, but he kept on persevering. There was an empty space on the toy shelf of the Jewish child, right next to the delightful Mitzvah Kinder and creative Binyan Blocks, and he wanted to fill it. It took years of research in China, many false starts, and some heads that just wouldn’t stay on shoulders before he hit upon the magic formula. But once he did, the Shpielmans slowly made their way into existence, much to the appreciation of parents everywhere.

And soon to join this delightfully chassidishe family will be Lubavitch family,a Litvish family, a family from Korea, and a family from India.

In a world plagued with bias and racism, it is the responsibility of parents and teachers to guide the impressionable minds entrusted to their hands. Glattplay’s lines of multi-cultural toys will help children understand and appreciate the differences that surround them.

With that goal in mind, the Shpielmans and their future friends can help make diversity the surrounding norm.

You can also read about the Shpielmans, acting heroes, in the upcoming Hebrew and English comic book. The Shpielmans save the day in this beautifully illustrated story, sure to delight the new owners of these realistic figures.

So place your order today! The perfect Chanukah gift awaits. Visit our website, read up on the life-like characters, view video clips of the Shpielmans celebrating the Yom Tovim, and make your order.

It’s a toy. It’s a teacher. It’s Glattplay.