Supporter of Almanos & Yesomim Needs Our Support For his own Almana & Yesomim

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At the young age of 12, Ahron Austerlitz became an orphan. Despite the difficulties he experienced, he developed into a good-hearted person, who was always willing to help the needy.

After his marriage he became a successful businessman and used his wealth to help others. He had a reputation as a true Ba’al Chesed who was always giving Tzedakah, supporting Mosdos hatorah V’hachesed, as well as individuals in need.

The stories about R’ Ahron’s generosity are endless. When people found themselves on hard times, they came to him, and he gave them large sums of money. If he heard about people who couldn’t pay their bills, he would discreetly go to the grocery and pay their bills. If people needed chizuk in any area, he would always listen, and his shoulders were always available to cry on.

R’ Ahron was stricken with many troubles, including a very rare and painful disease for which there was no treatment or cure. It ultimately led to his tragic and untimely passing at a young age, plunging his family and his community into darkness and pain.
Even while he suffered terribly, he continued his altruistic path, ignoring his own pain as he continued to help others in need until his final day on this earth.

On כ”ב טבת תשע”ז of last year, R’ Ahron left behind a wonderful family. His almana and several yesomim have no means of supporting themselves, and the pain of poverty on top of the pain of his passing is simply too much for them to bear alone.

The askanim and rabbanim of the Monsey community are keenly aware of the dire financial situation in the home, and remember well how R’ Ahron was always the first to respond to similar appeals for help for other such situations. Thus they have embarked on a bold campaign to raise $1,000,000 to establish a Keren for R’ Ahron’s almanah and her children, to enable them to retain their dignity and get back on their feet properly, as he would have done for others.|

The goal of this campaign is to enable the family to be provided for in their day-to-day lives, and more importantly, to establish a means for each of the children to be able to find suitable shidduchim and be able to get married properly, the way their father would have wanted.

R’ Ahron was there for so many Yesomim and Almanos over the years, with his open heart and his giving hand. We must be there for his family in their time of need, in a big way.

Please visit to participate in this great Mitzvah, and in the merit of your support for this wonderful family, may Hashem, the Father of Almanos and Yesomim shower you and your family with abundant Bracha and Hatzlacha in all areas of your life, always.


Here is a story of my Shveir or “Ari” as everyone knew him. It was 4 days before Pesach, many years ago, and Ari was managing the NS butcher at that time. He was driving around Monsey delivering chicken orders for y”t. At one house, Ari rang the bell, with hands full of boxes of chicken and a receipt for payment.. The door opened and in the doorway was a little child. The house was dark. Ari asked for the parents and the child said they weren’t home. An older child came to the door and Ari asked her, “Why is your house dark?” “We don’t have electricity,” the child answered. Ari went into the house to put the chicken in the freezer and to take a look. .. the refrigerator and freezer were empty… Ari’s next stop was the O&R headquarters on Rt. 59 were he paid off the family’s balance and had them reconnect power to the house. Ari’s next stop was his own house in New Square, where he took his own Matzos that he had ordered for Yom Tov, drove back to Monsey and made various stops for other basic Yom Tov needs like fish, fruits & vegetables etc. He then delivered everything to that home. Finally he put a sealed envelope on the table and told the little girl: “Tell your Mommy this is for groceries and/or anything else she needs for Yom Tov.”



  1. Every single word mentioned above is 100% true, I was very close to him, & vis a verse,
    He was tragically taken away from us at such a young age,