School Officials: Third Child In New Jersey Dies After Coming Down With The Flu


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A child in New Jersey has died after coming down with the flu, possibly making it the third pediatric flu-related death in the state.

Elizabeth Schools Superintendent Olga Hugelmeyer said in a note to parents on Sunday saying, “It is with great sadness that I must report to you that the Elizabeth School District has lost one of its own.”

Hugelmeyer says that while it has been confirmed that the student had been diagnosed with influenza, it “presently remains unclear whether or not the virus was the primary contributing factor to the child’s passing.”

The death is currently under investigation by the New Jersey Department of Health. The child’s name and age have not yet been released.

Just last week, 6-year-old Nevaeh Hernandez lost her life after getting the flu, and getting the flu shot.

School resumes in Elizabeth on Tuesday. Eyewitness News is told there will be counselors on hand.

Meanwhile, parents are concerned about the cleanliness of the classrooms. The superintendent claims they have been disinfecting the schools, especially touch points like door knobs and desk tops.

A 6-year-old girl also died this weekend in Norwalk, Connecticut, of flu-related symptoms. She attended Columbus Magnet School.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, 84 children in the United States have died of the virus this flu season.

(Source: ABC 7 NY)


  1. Notice how despite the death still being under investigation by the health department and no details as to the circumstances, the conclusion is drawn that you have to go and get your flu shot. Most of the flue deaths appear to be sepsis deaths and not flu deaths. Sepsis can be treated with the Marik Protocol but many doctors are reluctant to try it or ignorant of it.The Marik Protocol was developed by Dr Marik – a mainstream MD. The protocol consists of I.V. Vitamin C,Thiamine, and Steroids – the legal kind. For many doctors as soon as they hear the words vitamin C their brains shut down. The fact of the matter is this protocol has produced what has been described as miraculous results. There are other protocols with I.V. Vitamin C developed by other physicians as well that have proven to have had similar miraculous results in Sepsis cases. From this article I would conclude that 84 children have died during the flu season this year around the US, from an illness that has flu like aspects – Sepsis, and that their doctors are likely guilty of malpractice. Left unanswered is why are people who got the flu shot still coming down with sepsis and dying if the flu shot is supposed to make the illness less severe even in cases where it does not prevent the flu?

  2. “parents are concerned about the cleanliness of the classrooms.”

    It is not the cleanliness of the rooms that causes the flu, but one kid comes in with it, coughs and spreads it to the second and to the third.

    Cleanliness is important as is cleaning eating equipment, but the flu can be transferred by the air too..