Hands down, the music video of the year. PURIM2018: Mendy J – MESECHTAS BRACHOS

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Adar is once again in the air. Get ready for some no-compromise ‎#PurimEntertainment:

Mendy J – MESECHTAS BRACHOS ft. DJ Izik and Dovid Abayev

An incredible new song, and an even better Music Video.

100% the main event here is the #MesechtasBrachos Music video……Watch for yourself.

This no-compromise production is packed with surprises. Featuring the unfortunate story of a Yeshiva is disarray, that is until Mendy J and Overpass come to the rescue……… watch, listen and enjoy!

This full-scale production is produced by the YTI organization (TheYTI.org), the worlds first and only Jewish Creative Arts  Organization. Sponsored by Overpass (www.overpass.com.

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