Jerusalem: Family of 4 struggling to cope without mother

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How will the Levi family cope? The young mother of the Levi family, expecting her fourth child, was diagnosed with cancer in the fourth month of pregnancy. Her husband, Chaim, was caring for their three children at home alone, while juggling hospital visits, paperwork and ever-mounting medical expenses. Help the Levi family now

 In the fifth month of the pregnancy came the doctor’s urgent decision: We must operate now and deliver the baby. If we do nothing, they told Chaim, neither your unborn baby nor your wife will survive. Chaim agreed to the surgery, hoping that both his wife and his child would leave the operating table alive. The delicate operation, complicated by Mrs. Levi’s frail condition, took many hours. Finally, the baby was delivered and rushed to the intensive care unit. Soon afterward, Mrs. Levi was wheeled out to recovery. Chaim allowed himself to breathe a small sigh of relief. But it was not to be. 

 Sadly, only one week later, Mrs. Levi’s condition suddenly deteriorated and she passed away. Chaim is now left alone with four young children. The newborn, still in intensive care, has never known his mother. The family’s situation is critical. Chaim is already dealing with the medical expenses of his wife’s treatment, how will he raise four young children normally and happily? 

 An emergency fundraising campaign has been set up to provide for the Levi family, as Chaim acts as both a mother and a father to his four young children. The Levi family is already in debt from Mrs. Levi’s a”h medical expenses. Funds are desperately needed for basic living expenses: rent, utilities, food; as well as babysitting and continuing medical care for the premature newborn still in serious condition. Donations will enable Chaim to raise his four children knowing that they will be provided for and will grow up with a normal childhood. A generous donor has pledged to match every donation made after the campaign reaches $100,000. Your donation can now help the Levi family even more. 

 Please help Chaim. Don’t leave him and his children alone.



 Donations can also be made to Kupat Ha’ir fund #7071.