A Warm Message + Call to Action

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Happening today! Camp Hasc an Oasis of Jewish Unity

“There are three places that attract and unite Jews from all walks of life,” says legendary Camp HASC executive director Rabbi Judah Mischel. “Uman on Rosh Hashana, Meron on Lag Baomer, and Camp HASC.” 

Indeed, Camp HASC is a unique place of unrivaled joy where campers are given love, devotion and superlative care with no thought as to their family’s religious affiliation. 

Perhaps nothing illustrates this phenomenon more than Visiting Day at Camp HASC, where one can witness truly extraordinary encounters.

A chasidishe mother, while chatting with her daughter’s counselor, finds comfort in the counselor’s dedication and understanding of her daughter. Although they might look a little different externally, there is little doubt that there is a mutual bond that translates to their becoming instant “family.”

Members of another family are greeted with hugs and kisses by a staff member. “My son’s counselor from 13 years ago,” explained the mother. The connections shared at Camp HASC between families and counselors are virtually unbreakable.

A father unabashedly shares with anyone who will listen, “HASC is our ‘hope.’ Knowing we have a summer where our child is well cared for in a safe and loving environment helps us clear our minds and hearts in preparation for the upcoming year.”

(Click here to hear them say it in their own words)

Although the parents and families represent a wide Jewish spectrum, they each share a common bond. Each of these families have devoted endless time and energy for the sake of their child. Many of these parents are stretched beyond their resources, and then over-extended again and yet again. They are relentless in their determination to ensure the best healthcare, the best therapies and the best education to help their children grow and maximize their potential. 

For many parents of special needs children, the journey can be long and lonely. But there is a respite, a break in the clouds where they can rest and gather strength.

That place is Camp HASC, a bastion of true unity, ahavas yisrael and simcha, providing energy for the road ahead.

Today,  coinciding with Camp HASC’s “Experience Day”, Camp HASC is running a 36-hour, CauseMatch fundraiser. Each dollar donated will be quadrupled by a group of generous donors, with a goal of $1 million raised.

Fact is, for Camp HASC to give so many people a break and provide the summer of a lifetime comes at a tremendous cost. Camp HASC is asking everyone to take a break out of their day and help support their Avodas Hakodesh.

With your generous donation, you’ll be giving children and adults with disabilities the ability to be a regular camper. 

You’ll be giving their parents and families a much-needed break where they can go about their lives. Most of all, you’ll be giving Camp HASC a much-needed break by helping shoulder the financial burden to make it all possible.

Camp HASC really, really could use your support. Take a break for a minute and head to www.break4hasc.org

Tizku L’mitzvos.