Jewish World Rallies For Hindi’s Family Of Five Towns, New York

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On August 17, 2018, Hindi Krinsky-Kanarfogel, educator and mother of five, died suddenly. She was 32. Her friends and colleagues can hardly fathom that someone so full of life could be gone so soon, and so unexpectedly. Her community senses the void left by her vivacious presence. Her five children – eight year-old triplets Eliana, Hudi and Ezra, 4 year-old Dorit, and her youngest, Abie, only 18 months old – are left without their devoted, passionate, witty mother.

Now the community must come together to provide support and solace for a grieving family. To do this, a group of Hindi’s family and friends along with the Charidy team are hosting a campaign to provide financial security for the family in the wake of this devastating loss. (Funds from the gofundme campaign will be applied to the new campaign.)

The campaign aims to raise $1 million by the end of the week.

“Hindy was many things to many people,” writes brother-in-law Mo Kanarfogel on his Facebook profile. “To me, she was an unbelievable friend that showed me nothing but love. She always cheered me on through exciting times and was a voice of reason during more trying times. No matter how short the notice, Hindy was there to welcome me and my family with open arms and always made us feel like royalty. With all that she gave, the only thing she ever asked of me was to come happy and hungry.”

Donations are tax-deductible and will support the family’s everyday expenses as well as b’nei mitzvah, weddings, and other important life events. An oversight committee has been assembled to be responsible for all funds raised during this campaign; members include Rabbi Moshe Pinson, Yoni Raskin, Rabbi Moshe Greenwald, Rabbi Zalman Wolowick, and Yali Margalit. A wealth manager is also being hired to manage and allocate the funds appropriately.

The campaign team is seeking community support for this life-changing initiative. Donations in any amount, sharing the campaign on social media, and any other effort individuals and organizations alike can make to amplify the cause and help reach the million dollar goal makes a difference.

Those wishing to make a gift or share the campaign can do so at

Inquiries about the campaign should be directed to [[email protected]].