You’ve Learned His Seforim. But Do You Know His Story?

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Surrounded at all times by speculation and curiosity, it is an exclusive few who are able to permeate the inner workings of the home life of Rav Chaim Kanievsky. Regular audience with the Rav is often limited to close family members, and learning Torah with the Rav is nearly unheard of. This makes it all the more impressive that Rav Uri Tiger, a young man, has been hand-selected to aide Rav Kanievsky in the writing of his seforim. Though such a privilege would be expected to be extended to a much older man, yet Rav Tiger, a young father of six, has helped to author seforim such as Nezer HaChaim, Derech Ish, and more.

Though Rav Tiger appears to be ‘living the dream’ in public, he conceals a tragic and chaotic home life: The Tiger family is extremely poor. They are currently living in a tiny, dilapidated apartment, and are suffering greatly. Their situation has recently become much more urgent: With just days left to reside in their decrepit apartment until being kicked out, the young talmid chacham, his wife, and their six children are now facing homelessness.

Rav Chaim Kanievsky has issued a letter to the public on behalf of his aide:

“…We are coming to the aid of our friend R’ Uri Tiger shlita, the author of the seforim Nezer HaChaim and Derech Ish, because we know that his financial situation is extremely strained, and he is now living with his family in a small and dilapidated rented apartment.

Therefore, we have risen and woken up in honor of the Rav who is a great scholar and turned to our brothers Am Yisroel wherever they are to help support him and purchase a fitting apartment.

Surely the merit of this great mitzvah will protect all those who take part, and can save him from harsh and evil decrees, and he will be blessed with all the blessings of the Torah.

Chaim Kanievsky

Yaakov Kanievsky”

An emergency fund is currently collecting donations to save the Tiger children from homelessness. This is a striking reminder that even those with the most ‘choshuve’ lifestyles can struggle with tragedy, and a unique opportunity to help sustain one of the great Torah scholars of our time.