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Car Cleaning Crew Kicking off Pesach Cleaning with At-Your Home Service

Although the weather is frigid and Purim was just a few days ago , believe it or not Pesach is just around the corner! Homemakers everywhere are starting (or at least thinking about) the cleaning that comes along with the chag. Of all the chores, the one that is most dreaded universally is cleaning the interior of the car. Everyone has those stains and dirt in the interior of the car that just seems impossible to get rid of. The life saver is here: The “Car Cleaning Guys” will do all the work in the interior of the car so you can sit back and relax.FOR INQUIRIES – CALL US AT 347-907-9711  OR EMAIL US AT [email protected]
Their popularity has allowed them to grow to multiple crews servicing four locations in the Tri-State area: Brooklyn, Monsey, The Five Towns, Lakewood Great Neck and Monroe as well with crews in Baltimore and Los Angeles. They clean the entire interior of the car, focusing on hard-to-reach areas, those sticky cup-holders, ashtrays, and other nooks and crannies. Their famous “Chometz-Free Guarantee” will give you the peace of mind of striking this tedious chore off your to-do list. We come to your home or work at your convenience so you don’t have to wait on those long car wash lines!We will begin to clean vehicles on Wednesday, April 10th until Thursday, April 18th.The first appointment of the day is 9am and the last appointment is 6PM
The car cleaning crew has made an easy reservation system by booking online on yeshiva world, by email at [email protected] or by calling 347-907-9711. Save yourself the burden and time, your car and family will thank you! Click HERE to book online. 

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  1. Dear Friend,

    As we do our Pesach cleaning let us keep something very important in mind.

    THIS PESACH…. You will likely put lots of cash into car cleaning, house cleaning, handy work, landscaping, etc. Make no mistake a good portion of this money intended for a pure Mitzvah will go into funding MRJN. Yes the hard working young men and women getting these jobs who lack self-control will quickly exchange the cash for MRJN.

    THIS PESACH…. It is your duty to ask the car cleaning business owner, landscape co. owner, etc. to screen the workers he/she takes in and even to do a test on the potential worker before they get the job.

    THIS PESACH…. please suggest these businesses pay their workers with gift cards, or other incentives such as meals at a take-out or similar. Maybe these methods are not fool proof but they are way better than cash and healthier too. I know of a 14 y.o. teen who earned $135.00 in one day’s work loading trucks. That very evening the kid spent most of it on MRJN, came home 8am with eyes bulging out and nearly completely ‘spaced out’. A few days later the same kid landed another job and that evening went ‘shopping’ again and spent the next few days walking around with bloodshot eyes. This happened all before Pesach and the intention was a very good one. It was for a mitzvah. It was for Pesach preparations.

    THIS PESACH…. Please do this for your children’s sake, for the community’s sake, for the sake of people who would like to sleep peacefully at night. Your neighbor’s kid is your kid because your kid is your neighbor’s kid… and one day it could be your kid or their kid.

    THIS PESACH…. Don’t take lives! Make lives better!

    This is OUR problem and we must stop it NOW!

    THIS PESACH…. You can make the right choice!

    You may ask: ‘I rely on these guys for getting my car cleaned, I need landscaping done before Pesach, I need my garage cleaned out, what am I to do? Maybe the Deli or pizza guy has someone working for them?’ Generally if these proprietors care for lives, care for families they will go the extra mile to hire the right people. When you ask them about this issue and all they do is shrug their shoulders then move on the next business.

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