If You Can’t Make It To Meron, This Is The Place To Be

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Imagine if you could take away the darkness of the world. Imagine if you could take away the brokenness of disconnected children and the pain of loneliness.

Imagine if you could do something that not only fights the darkness – it brings on light, joy and goodness!


The holy Tannah, R’ Shimon Bar Yochai asked us to celebrate his yartzeit on Lag B’Omer. This year on Lag B’Omer, tens of thousands of children will gather on 18th Ave to strengthen our unity and become a stronger force of goodness in our world.

The children will be entertained as they are encouraged to stand tall in their Yiddishkeit. They’ll be inspired as they learn about the power of our achdus. They’ll discover their individual empowerment to make good choices every day.

This event is a celebration of Yiddishkeit! It is a proud salute to Jewish unity in honor of the heilige Rashbi!

You don’t have to get on an airplane to be close to the Rashbi. You could open yourself up to the awesome merit of the Rashbi by participating in HIS EVENT!

HoRav Wolfson Shlita said about this event: “Do you know who is here today? Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai is here with us!”


The Rashbi is famous for activating MIRACLES IN OUR LIVES.

BE A SPONSOR! The z’chus of the heilige Rashbi is so precious! Take part of the געוואלדיגע כח, the incredible zchus of one of the largest gathering of Yididishe children!

The z’chus of the educational presentations: $5,400* (3 available)
The z’chus of children’s פסוקי תורה – $1,800* (12 available)
The z’chus of the children’s saying a Pusuk of Tehillim – $540* (22 available)
The very holy Segulah of Chai Rotel – $54



  1. I have been joining this event on 18th Ave for a few years now and i plan on going again this year! It is an incredible program and the see so many children from all different Yeshivos sitting together as one is just beautiful! i encourage all Boro Park Residence (adults as well!) to join the event and to take part in the Zechus of donating!

  2. Why are they changing from what the Rebbe established? The Lubavitcher Rebbe established the Lag Baomer parade, and they are calling their event something else. Furthermore, they are even hiding the fact that it is a Lubavitcher event. The name Lubavitch does not appear in the publicity here. We don’t even see one photo of the Rebbe.

    This is one of the biggest events trying to spread Lubavitch among the heimishe community. They should be proud Lubavitchers, and not hide who they are, and the role of the Rebbe in it.

  3. When finally Yidden are enjoying an event or achdus collectively, whether Lubavitcher or not, even then meshichists like Lit (whether he wears a yellow flag or not) refuse to accept the situation and insist on resorting to machlokes (in the simplest sense of the word—see the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s maamar “השם נפשינו בחיים” [and note the date…]).

    Believe me, there will be a tahalucha, and the event will play itself out in the best manner.

    It’s a chutzpah that an immature teenager should tell such people as Rabbi Krintsky and Rabbi Kotlarsky how to menahel the Rebbe’s mosdos…