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This Real Estate Brokerage Guarantees Landlord’s Rental Payments

Keyo is a real estate brokerage that is revolutionizing the outdated rental industry. Powered by Ai technology, their system allows landlords to rent their apartments faster, receive their rent more easily, and guarantees rent against any lease defaults.


It all begins by simply typing in a property’s address into Keyo will let a landlord know if they qualify for a rent guarantee, as well as how quickly it may rent. If the conditions are right, Keyo will guarantee the lease – if there is any default in payments or unexpected vacancies, Keyo will pay the rent while working to find a new tenant. This is an unheard of practice in the real estate industry, making them the first brokerage in the world to guarantee their tenant placements.


If a property qualifies for the Keyo guarantee, Keyo will visit the property, take photos, and begin its unique listing process. Instead of the traditional agent who must schedule a showing with potential tenants, Keyo utilizes a vast network of “scouts” who function like Uber drivers for showing apartments. Each scout gets screened in person and undergoes a criminal background check, and because they are located throughout the city, they are much more available to show their property whenever a renter is free to see it. More viewings in less time means apartments get rented faster, keeping their vacancies to a minimum.


Once the best tenant is found, the leasing process is easily executed online through the Keyo app, and tenants begin paying rent directly through the app as well. Rent is received within two business days with no additional fees. Landlords can track progress with an online dashboard, seeing  the number of viewings, applications, and feedback about the unit from the viewers in real time.


Meanwhile, Keyo actively encourages the tenant to pay on time. Keyo reports their payments to the major credit bureaus so they get a credit boost, and rewards on time payments with monthly giveaways like gift cards and local neighborhood discounts.

Harnessing the power of technology, Keyo is driving change in the rental market. The brokerage has seen tremendous success in the New York area; starting in Crown Heights, and has expanded to over 2500 apartments across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.

For a standard broker fee, they get properties rented faster, rents paid quicker, and guarantee their placements against vacancies. All this with free, proprietary software that makes the entire rental management experience a breeze.

Visit today to see if your property qualifies for Keyo’s guarantee, and prepare to transform the way you manage your properties.  

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