An Innovative Approach to Teshuvah and Rosh HaShanah

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By Rabbi Zvi Miller

Rav and Rosh Kollel of Beis Midrash Tiferes Yisrael

As we prepare for Rosh HaShanah, the Day of Judgement, we strive to uplift and better ourselves. What is the secret of making real improvements both in character traits as well as deeds? The Torah illuminates an innovative path of repentance that is positive and powerfully effective. We are familiar with the narrative of the offerings of Cain and Abel. HaShem accepted Abel’s generous offering, yet rejected Cain’s meager one.

When Cain realized that HaShem did not accept his sacrifice, he became angry and depressed. HaShem consoled him, “If you want to improve, elevate yourself” (Bereishis 4:7 ). HaShem revealed to him that man’s core, his holy soul, is infinitely good. Therefore, if a man will embrace his inherent goodness, HaShem considers him a new creation. As a result, his previous misdeeds are no longer associated with him. Just as he accesses his pure goodness, so too, HaShem transforms all of his misdeeds to Mitzvot!

The inherent holiness of our souls has sufficient power to heal every imperfection and misdeed. Repentance is the process of overcoming our negative tendencies by recognizing and embracing our holy soul. By doing so, you spontaneously sanctify yourself, and HaShem in His infinite compassion transforms all our misdeeds to Mitzvot. 

(Based on the commentary of the Tomer Devorah and the Ohr HaChaim HaKadosh)

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