Belev Echad Mega Raffle! Win $120,000 CASH

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Be privy to an extraordinary brocha from the Gadol Hador Reb Chaim Kanievsky with your donation:

“You Will Merit Healthy Children”

he Gadol Hador has given a brochah “You will merit healthy children” to those who support the holy work of B’lev Echad.
For the past 8 years, special children have been blessed with the warmth and quality care offered by this premier organization. An organization that was born out of a need to service families facing medical and emotional crisis involving their special children, lo aleinu.
The face of the organization is warmth, laughter and good cheer. Heart.But it is so much more.
It is profound emotional support, it is lifesaving medical guidance. Structure. Knowledge. Brainpower.
Together, these two forces are life-changing. Together these forces save lives. Save Families.
Now you can play a role and win big in the process!
The Annual Raffle is back with a chance to win $120,000.
A guarantee to get the brochah offered by Reb Chaim, “You will merit healthy children.”
And the zechus before the Yomim Noarim to help in the monumental work of B’lev Echad.