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Mama, We Need Parnassah!

Parnassah.  Everyone needs it, and no one seems to have enough of it.

But our case was different.

My husband Shaya* was a hard-working yungerman.  But he couldn’t catch a break. After three years in Kollel and with our second child on the way, we decided it was time for my husband to find a job.  It took time, but he found an entry-level position at an office near our home. We were content. The salary covered our rent and bills, with a bit left over at the end of the month.  Plus, he and the boss got along well and there seemed to be room for advancement in the company.

But our good fortune didn’t last long.  After two years, the boss decided the move out of town and sell his company.  The new boss brought along his own staff, and my husband was let go.

We were back to square one.  But this time, we three children and our oldest was already in school.  My husband got a few temporary jobs – life guarding in a boys’ camp in the summer, selling esrogim before Sukkos – but had no luck in finding something permanent.

We needed help.  Help that only a mother can provide.

I noticed an ad in my local weekly newspaper advertising a service by Mosdos Kever Rachel in which Kollel yungerleit daven for you at Mama Rachel’s kever.  I was desperate – what was there to lose? I sent in my check with my husband’s name and hoped for the best. I didn’t even tell him about it.

A week later, my husband came home and excitedly told me the good news.  His old boss, the one whom he’d worked with so successfully before he’d moved away, had contacted him.  His friend was starting a new company, he’d said, and he needed someone with my husband’s exact skill set.

The interview is set for tomorrow.

I don’t know what will happen, but I know one thing.  When you need help, you turn to your mother. And Mama Rachel, the mother of us all, had come through.

To submit your kvittel on Mama Rachel’s yahrtzeit call 1888-276-2435 (2-ROCHEL)  or click here to visit our website.

*Names and identifying details have been altered to protect anonymity.

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