All Daf: The App that Will Transform your Daf!

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New Daf Yomi platform “All Daf” was launched this week and it has already made waves as the new go-to app and website for Daf Yomi participants around the world.

The All Daf app and incorporate everything a Daf Yomi learner could use into one beautiful platform. The primary feature of the All Daf platform is the vast library of daf-related content it contains, replete with premium Shas-related audio, video, and PDF resources – a digital library on a caliber never before curated. Every notable Daf Yomi resource and enhancement was sought out and incorporated into the platform, and it is all streamlined into an easy-to-use interface that anyone can utilize.

High-caliber audio shiurim that are on the platform include the shiurim of Rabbi Moshe Elefant, Rabbi Shalom Rosner, Daf Hachaim, Sruly Bornstein, Rabbi Aryeh Leibowitz, Shas Illuminated, and many others.

Aside from giving users access to the world’s most premier library for Daf Yomi shiurim, All Daf has also created new content specifically for the platform. Short, interactive clips were made to serve as supplements to a daf yomi shiur, adding a new dimension to the daily daf. The clips span the gamut of topics, and every user can find something to bring their daf-learning experience to the next level.

In addition to the audio shiurim and clips that are hosted on the platform, All Daf has an extensive library of PDF material pertaining to each daf. The PDF material includes synopses and mareh mekomos on each daf, Tosfos summaries in English, and more, much of it in a printable format that can be extremely useful for daf-learners.

The app, as well as, was designed with the highest standards of technology available today. The platform seamlessly integrates all the features in a pristine, clean interface, which is fully customizable to fit individual preferences. Users can download content for offline use, receive notifications for new shiurim, and utilize a slew of other contemporary conveniences. All of the content is sorted by daf, so that just one click on the desired daf will give access to everything, circumventing the need for multiple searches. The app offers an unmatched user experience that can be appreciated by the most tech-savvy users, while also maintaining simplicity and clarity as to allow for easy use by anyone.

Don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself. To experience the platform, visit or download the app on the iOS App Store or Google Play.


  1. I thought Chareidim hold that the internet is assur. If these rebbeim are appearing on the site, does that mean they hold the internet is not assur?

  2. It says in the article Rabbi Aryeh Leibowitz’s shuirim are there so I downloaded the app but I can’t find him there. Please add him! Thanks and kol hakavod for this app! Looks great!