Guided Video Shiur With Clear and Dynamic Visuals to Assist in the Complete Understanding of the Daf

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The clearest, most engaging way to learn the Daf!

A guided video shiur with clear and dynamic visuals to assist in the complete understanding of the Daf.

A whole new learning experience for Daf Yomi!

The Daf Academy is an online “school” where you can find everything you need to follow the Daf Yomi in a rich and fulfilling way. 

Practical take home Halachos summarized on one page!

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See the Psukim in their correct context!

Crystal clear diagrams to help you through the most complex sections!

See the actual text of the gemara as you listen to the shiur!

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The quantity of information on a single page of Gemara is vast, and covering it in a standard Daf Yomi shiur of an hour (or less) is an ambitious ask even for an experienced learner. By providing visual anchor points and conceptual diagrams in parallel to the audio of a shiur, The Daf Academy video creates an unparalleled learning experience. As you follow along in your own Gemara, you will feel as if you have your own personal instructor walking you through the intricacies of Shas, summarizing and explaining the ideas on your personal whiteboard. On completing each day’s page, you can print the main slides from the presentation as a convenient reference summary of the day’s material.

Rabbi Ari Taback, founder of The Daf Academy is an experienced Maggid Shiur and Torah teacher living in Johannesburg South Africa. He is a published author (The Director: Artscroll 2003) and has written for numerous publications including Mishpacha, Hamodia and Rabbi Taback learned in Yeshivas Ateres Yisrael under R’ Boruch Mordechai Ezrachi as a Bochur, and under Rav Aryeh Zilberstein, R’ Yitzchak Lerner and R’ Berkovitz as an Avreich. Rabbi Taback is also the director of Dirshu in South Africa and is involved in numerous Torah projects with global imprints.

Rabbi Taback is renown for his exceptionally clear and eloquent presentation of Torah subjects. He has an ability to take even the most complex subjects and make them easily understandable while also expressing the deepest aspects of Torah to his students. He has recently completed the full cycle of Daf Yomi with his chabura in Johannesburg. 

Want to learn the Daf on your own or on Shabbos? Print the entire The Daf Academy presentation so you can follow along as you make your way through the page!

Are you a Daf Yomi teacher? Access the powerful The Daf Academy presentations to make your shiur come alive!

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