Over 5,600 Around the World Join Stop The Spread Campaign as Zechus Against Coronavirus

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The Stop The Spread campaign continues, and the need for Zechusim as a protection against the Coronavirus is greater than ever.

To date, over 5,600 have accepted the pledge to not write, forward or post any negative or hurtful messages about others for 14 days. This self-quarantine is being taken on as a Kaballah to show Hashem that we understand the consequences that a simple germ or comment can cause when let loose on the world, and allowed to spread unchecked.

In addition to the thousands of individuals who have already signed up, numerous companies have asked their employees to be part of the movement as an additional Zechus. So far Modular Closets, LTC, Avacare, CareRite Services, Garden State Medical Supply, Fulfillrite, Banquest, SimkowitzCo, Purple Exhibits, Royal Wine, Madison Title, ID-Tech Solutions, Greenwald Caterers and others have felt the Achrayus and become Corporate joiners. While there is a special power of a Klal coming together in taking something on, it is even more powerful when a small group takes on the cause communally and adds themselves to the greater unit.

Anyone can sign up easily by visiting www.stopthespread.com or by texting “stopspread” to 474747. Daily reminders are sent out and no information is kept for use beyond the scope of this campaign.

Along with our ever-needed Tefillos to Shamayim for Rachmanus, we invite more individuals and businesses join in the Kabalah, so we can show that we have gotten the message and are willing to take concrete steps to better ourselves. Through that, and the many other Kabbalos being taken on by Klal Yisroel around the globe, may Hashem remove the Coronavirus and protect us all from any physical and financial harm, and bring us closer to the Geulah Shelaima Bekarov.