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Here at JEMfinder, the new Jewish Education and Entertainment Market, we are rubbing our eyes (not physically! That’s not hygienic;) at the new reality of Jewish simchos reduced to minimum; beautiful events are being cancelled; camps programs put on hold. Our tefillos and thoughts are with Klal Yisrael that this terrible disease should disappear very soon, and we will once again be able to gather together for beautiful events, and enjoy all the amazing services and entertainers that the Jewish world has to offer.

JEMfinder is a new innovative website, serving as a central marketplace to connect vendors and service providers and their customers. If you are an educator or entertainer, or you provide any type of product or service geared for Jewish schools, camps, party planners, nursing homes and the like – JEMfinder is for you! Here you will be able to reach out to your specific niche audience, and broaden your customer base. Potential clients looking for your product or service will be able to find you with ease!

As we are fully aware of the slow to non-existent business in the field of entertainers and service providers, who provide for camps, schools and parties, we at JEMfinder believe that now is the time to work together in order for us to emerge the day after even more powerful and resilient than before.

Understanding the financial difficulty we are all facing, we are offering free sign-up to become a vendor for the duration of this crisis. Eventually the charge will be $29.99/month. No credit card necessary. (You can sign out any time.)

If customers can benefit from your products/services now – while at home – add it to the categories ‘stay at home entertainment’ or ‘stay at home activities’.

This terrible crisis will be”h come to an end, hopefully very soon. Join our large list of entertainers and producers. Sign up now, and be ready for the day after.

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