Please Don’t Take My Home

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They’re left without a father and , the youngest is 4 years old. , David Sher Z”l was sick with a rare genetic illness called Fabry. David had kidney failure and was nifter at age 42 after an unsuccessful kidney transplant which left Tali an almana with her 5 yisomim alone with no financial help!

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The widow earns a mere ₪ 1500-2000 shekel a month that’s around 450$ as a preschool teacher’s assistant and is in major debts. The bank is threatening to evict them from their house if the mortgage is not paid with in 1 week.

We may not stand by the side, we must help this Almana who is coping alone not only with the financial burden, but also with the emotional issues of her children who are also not going through an easy time.

Therefore we are appealing to every yid who can help to save this family from their terrible debt and from the terrible gezeirah of having them evicted from their home.
Its in our hands!!! We must help!!!

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That the Almana Tali Sherr a baalas teshuvah who has no one to help her and her 5 orphans to have a roof over their heads.

Am Yisroel are rachmanim and have Rachmanus!! You can save this family with your donation today.

The family is thanking all those people in advance for helping them
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Endorsed by :Agudath Beit Avraham HaRav Shtern Shlitah from
Kollel chazon Ish in Bnei Brak